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Choosing The Right Type Of Photography Presentation Folder

What Are Photography Presentation Folders?

I think the name explains itself: they’re folders that you put your photos into Photography Presentation Folder and then present to a client or whoever. They come in many shapes and forms, but they all do the same thing.

Types Of Photography Presentation Folders

There are mainly three different types of photo presentation folders; those with plastic sleeves, those with metal barcodes and the ones with the cover on the front, just like any other folder.

I will describe each one in detail. I recently had to use them for a client, so I asked my assistant to bring some samples of each type to test out which would perform best. We tested various brands and types of presentation folders; here are the results.

Plastic Presentation Folders

The first type of folder we tested is this kind with a plastic sleeve on one side; just like most other photography-related equipment, they come in many different shapes and sizes, with different brands having their own model numbers. I’m not going to list them all here, but I will just write about the ones we found that work best for 90% of clients.

Our tests found out that this type of Photography Folder offers the least resistance when taking photos from it and putting them back in. This means less time wasted on having your client flip through your photos, and that is always a good thing.

They come in two sizes: half letter and A4. This means they can hold up to 50 photos on one side (letter) or 100 photos (A4). If you need more than that, get the bigger ones, obviously. Keep in mind that if your client doesn’t like what they see in the plastic sleeve, they will have to flip through many pages, which slows things down a little bit.

They’re made out of cardboard and have a metal barcode on the bottom that is unique for each folder. This means you can attach these cardboard photo folders to your wedding specifics or even your client’s name if you like (I don’t do it anymore, but I used to).

Metal Presentation Folders

This type of folder is pretty much the same as the previous one, but the difference is that it uses a metal barcode instead of a plastic sleeve. It comes in a few different shapes and sizes, and this is the one we tested:

We found out while testing this type of photography presentation folder that they offer slightly less resistance than the ones with plastic sleeves. So if you’re using them for your client that doesn’t mind flipping through more pages, then this type of presentation folder might be better.

They come in the same sizes as mentioned before, half letter and A4. They’re made out of cardboard like those with plastic sleeves, and they also have a metal barcode on the bottom. This means you can attach them to your wedding specifics or, let’s say, put the client’s name on them so they will know who to look for when they see you at their wedding. 

Half-Letter/A4 Presentation Folders With The Cover On The Front

This is my favorite type of photography presentation folder. It has a hard plastic shell on the front which prevents it from getting damaged, and I think it looks better than this half letter/A4 one with just cardboard. The only downside of these is that they don’t have barcodes on them, so if you’re planning to have them attached to your wedding specifics, you’re out of luck.

They come in the same sizes (half letter and A4), and they can hold up to 50 photos on one side (letter) or 100 photos (A4). The plastic shell is very durable, which means it will be safe for years. They’re great for preserving your memories of a wedding or any other special event. You can find this type of photography folder on i custom folders.

M-Size (3″ X 5″) Metal Presentation Photo Folder

Another type of presentation folder that I tried out is these small metal ones that can hold only 10 photos. They’re also available in half-letter size. I love how metal Photography Folder look, but their advantages stop there.

They’re a great idea if you want to create a wedding album for yourself or your family because they’re not very big and can fit in any purse. Other than that, they’re pretty much useless, especially for photographers working with clients who are expecting to have their photos turned into an album. 

5″ X 7″ Photo Presentation Envelope

This type of cardboard photo folder is similar to letter size metal presentation folders, but it doesn’t have a hard plastic shell. It’s made out of high-quality material, and it does a good job of keeping your photos safe as long as you don’t handle them roughly. You can put up to 10 photos in this type of presentation folder, making them great for having with you on the wedding day (you never know who might want something). They come in different colors and are easily found on amazon.

Which Presentation Folders Should You Get?

I think it’s best to have all of them because they’re not very expensive and you never know when you might need one. I would recommend staying away from a letter-size metal presentation folder if your client plans on having their photos in an album. It might be a better idea to invest a little more money and get an album instead.

Hope you found this article helpful; if so, don’t forget to share it with your friends! And let me know what type of presentation folder is your favorite in the comments below.

How To Properly Present Your Photos In A Beautiful Illustration

Displaying your photos in Photography Presentation Folder is one way to show off the quality of your work and establish yourself as an industry leader. There are many different types of presentation folders, but it’s important to choose what will best suit the needs of you and your clients. For example, suppose you’re photographing weddings or other events that require album design. In that case, letter-sized metal presentations might not be appropriate because they can’t hold more than ten photos at once (and may not even have room for all 100+ pictures). Instead, go with 5″x7″ photo presentation envelopes or M-size (3 inches by five inches) metal presentations – both offer plenty of space for wedding day memories without costing too much money. The importance of choosing wisely is that it will represent your work and clients. Suppose you’re just starting out as a photographer. In that case, small metal presentations might not be the best choice as they’ll don’t look very professional, especially if you’re competing against other photographers with more experience. However, if you’ve been working for years and have an established clientele, then there’s nothing wrong with investing in the best presentation folders – because you are who you are, not what your photography looks like.

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