Enhanced Marketing With Gatefold Folders

Why Do Brands And Customers Love Gatefold Folders Alike?

In the world of custom folders, there are many options. These options help you create custom folders in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Gate folders, also known as gatefold folders, is one of the styles that looks exceptionally beautiful. 

It is one of the most commonly used styles of custom folders. As its name suggests, this type of folder gets its name from its unique appearance. 

The gatefold folders are made by using parallel folds. Imagine a piece of rectangular paper. Hold it in the portrait orientation. Now, grab the edges on either side and turn them towards the middle. Make sure to align the edges with each other so that they meet in the center. Creasing the folded edges would end up giving you a paper with a gatefold. 

The two flaps that were previously the edges now act as gates. The ‘gates’ open up to unveil the information inside the folder. By folding the edges in the manner stated above, you end up getting six surfaces. Thus, using the folding style greatly enhances the space on the folders. 

These six spaces or panels are differentiated by the space they offer. The two flaps offer four smaller areas. The middle space behind the ‘gates’ gives you a section of vast space. Furthermore, the opposite side of this middle section also offers the same area. 

Some of the famous examples of this folding style are the greeting cards that are sealed in the middle using a sticker. Furthermore, many companies that have to separate a lot of data use gate folders to display different categories of information.

However, that is not all. You can even create eight-sided gatefold folders by folding the more extensive middle section again. Thus, creating two more areas. 

Opening Custom Gatefold Folders Is An Experience 

The distinct style of this packaging creates excitement for the customers. There is a sense of adventure and discovery when opening the gate folders for the first time. They can hold immense potential. You can print alluring images in the middle section to increase the customer experience.

One of the most used techniques with custom gate folders is to provoke the intriguing nature of humans. You can do this by posing a question on the outer flaps. Opening the flaps will offer the answer to the question. This strategy can help you hook the customers and make them feel like they are achieving something by finding the answer to the query that bothers them.

Hooking them by using a question that resonates with them helps you grab the customers’ attention. When you have the customers right where you want them, you can unveil your products, services, and brand, answering their plight. 

Enhanced Marketing With Gatefold Folders

When using gatefold folders, you must be varying between all the different panels. Using the strategy explained above, you can pull in the customers with the help of attractive custom prints you invite them to explore your services further. They would begin flipping the side panels to search for more information about your services. Thus, the backside of the flaps is a beautiful place to include various details.

These details can be tailored to showcase your brand or more information regarding the products. Furthermore, they can also serve as the perfect canvas for your creative expressions. 

Gatefold Folders Help Increase Brand Reach Out

If you play your cards right and design superb-looking gatefold folders, your customers will be intrigued enough to turn the folders over to view the backside. This space can contain information regarding your pricing. Many successful brands use this space to showcase their brand slogan to make an everlasting impression. Furthermore, they cover this area with details that can help the customers contact them with ease.

Thus, you must consider the various design elements that will make up gate folders when designing custom gate folders. Suppose the customers are not interested in the front flaps of the folders. In that case, it is unlikely that they will open the gate and explore the information that you have presented. 

There are a few general tips that can help you make attractive gate folders. Following these tips and suggestions can help you make gatefold folders that help pull customers from afar. 

Tips For Making Custom Printed Gate Folders

  • When creating custom prints that can help you fulfill your marketing needs with gatefold folders, having a ‘bleed’ of up to 4 squared millimeters; bleed is the number of extra dimensions you add to the design. Adding bleed ensures that the printed colors thoroughly cover the corners and edges. 
  • Building on the point mentioned above, no one wants to see the nasty white stripes along the edges of the folded panels. You can avoid those lines by extending the background colors and images to cover the cropping margins. 
  • It can also be beneficial to move all the custom printed images and photos about 3mm towards the center of the middle panel. This compensation helps keeps the images away from the cropping margins. Thus, you can ensure that the overall look of the fate fold folders feels coherent. Of course, this tip won’t apply if you image that covers two bordering panels. 
  • As with any product, we highly recommend asking your manufacturer if they can offer prototypes or samples. Prototypes will help you see how the finished folders will sit in your hands. Furthermore, you can have a better understanding of the various creases. 
  • Unless you intend the designing team of the manufacturing to tamper with the files, you should send your custom printed files in an unalterable format. Some of the common formats used in the industry are TIFF, PDS, JPG, EPS, and PS.
  • It can be helpful to create two different files for the inside and the outside of the gate folders. This distinction of the two sides can help you, and the manufacturer avoids confusion when printing your designs. 
  • Extending the previous point, if you plan on adding various add-ons and finishing coats, it can be helpful to create different layers. Thus, the manufacturer can have no trouble distinguishing add-ons from the custom printed design. 
  • Furthermore, adding various decorative elements using different layers allows you to visualize the final design easily. Moreover, you can make changes to different layers separately without changing other aspects. Thus, you can cater to interfering elements in a straightforward manner. 

Those mentioned above were some tips that can help you make fantastic custom printed gatefold folders. However, custom printing is just one of the many customization options you can avail of when creating custom gate folders. 

Other customizations can include using different stocks (materials). Furthermore, you can incorporate add-ons into your design to make the gate folders genuinely stand out. Moreover, you can select from a plethora of finishing coats that can help bring the various design elements of the folders to come together. 

iCustom Folders prides itself on offering a host of customization options. We can cater to various shapes, sizes, and styles. Our team is ever-ready to help you make the best tools for increased branding and marketing with our gatefold folders. Reach out today, and let’s get to it.

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