Custom Size Folders

We provide sturdy and robust material for the folders, and it was why we are a name of trust when it comes to manufacturing of custom size folders. Our folders are made from quality materials, which not only make them strong but they also keep them safe from all the environmental changes. 

You can choose from the set of material choices given by us. We are aware of the fact that the environment is facing severe problems. So, to overcome all the issues, we play our part by offering eco-friendly materials to our customers. You can choose any from these available options:

    • Kraft
    • Cardstock
    • Cardboard
    • Paper
    • Rigid

Apart from the materials, we also offer different types of adhesives to make these folders. Similarly, we offer different methods that will ensure that your folders stand out from the rest. Some of the add-ons that we offer are:

    • Perforation
    • Die-cutting

Types of size folders:

Our every folder is further divided into many other types. You are free to get your folders designed in any style of your choice. So choose any design from the choices available for size folders.

    • Legal-size presentation folders
    • Mini size presentation folders
    • Letter-sized presentation folders
    • Photo size folders

The most popular dimension of our folders is the photo size. They are typically 9×12 printed photo folders. There are many other sizes like 8 x 10 photo folders available as well, that you can see on our website.

There are more sizes accessible for the photo size folders. But among all of the options, 5×7cardboard photo folders are highly in demand. They are generally larger in width and height than the photos that are kept in them.

Legal-size file folders are another popular genre of folders that we offer. They are a bit larger in size than the other types of folders, which ensures that there is enough room for the storage of papers or anything you want in these folders.

We also provide letter-sized folders to our customers. However, they are not only for keeping the letters, as the name might suggest, and have a variety of purposes. Commonly, the size of letter folders is large than the size of papers placed inside it.

Uses of folders in life:

Don’t take folders randomly. They are of multiple-use and many of those uses are the ones that you have never probably heard of. Custom mini size folders come in different sizes, colors, shapes, categories, and designs and you will be so glad to know that these folders can be used for many other purposes after you are done using them as file-keeping folders. 

Apart from securing your documents, you can also use the folders provided by us for organizing, stationery, cosmetics, CDs, and DVDs. They make sure that your products will remain safe in them. At icustomfolders, you can find the high and premium quality folders and you can easily get the folders customized by us. Customization is one of our major reason to be successful, and the customization that we provide comes without compromise on the quality.

Embellishments that changes the look of your folders in a glance:

People often don’t understand the importance of printing features. You can use the printing techniques which we are providing to beautify your folders. There are multiple benefits of using this feature. Our printed 5×7 photo folders wholesale not only look beautiful but also they are a great marketing tool for the owners as well. Icustomfolders always hire the talented and experienced designers to manufacture the outstanding folders.

Our designers try our best to come up with something exemplary for their clients. Our every single add on is different from our competitors. You cannot find add ons as we provide to our clients. We see that every other day new trends are introduced in the market.

That is why we have to come up with something really unique and innovative. Make your own trends and be the trendsetter for your competitors. We provide a good and vast range of customization so they can fulfill their purpose.

We offer a really bright and glamorous coating and printing options for our clients. This will surely make your folders even more glamourous and trendy. Surely, customers will prefer to buy these amazing and alluring folders at a first glance. The following are the choices available for printing and coating.

    • Offset Printing
    • Digital Coating
    • CMYK
    • PMS
    • Gloss Coating
    • Matte Coating
    • Spot UV

For your information, marketing and promoting is very essential for any business. That is the reason we offer a wide range of customization for our clients. You can use them to save some bucks of money as well as for promoting your business. There will be no need of consulting any advertising company if your hire us for the making of your folders.

Without any doubt or tension, all of your needs will be fulfilled. You can just search for your favorite add on and place the order. Have a look at the most highly demanded embellishments.

Spot UV coating:

It is a combo of both gloss and matte coating. If you don’t want to use the gloss and matte coating separately those spot UV is the right choice. You can get both coatings in a single one. Furthermore, this is best for saving a lot of money. You can also use this coating on the whole surface of the folders or either on the specific part like the logo or name of the brand.

Embossing and debossing:

Let your logo and brand name speaks louder than the words. Embossing makes your logo all more appealing and enhances its look to the next level. However, debossing is totally the opposite of the embossing. For instance, in embossing your text is lifted towards upward while in debossing it is vice versa. So, choose the one after thinking completely.

Prototypes that will convince your customers:

We try to do every effort that will satisfy our customers.  We always keep in mind the needs and necessities of our clients related to the customization of many folders, especially our 11×17 file folders.

That is why we offer the samples to our customers before they place their final order with us. After that, you can count on our quality. On top of that, these samples are shipped to you free of costs. The following are the samples which we offer to our clients.

Flat view:

You can assess t 6×9 pocket folders blank die cuts and flaps in this 2D sample easily.

3D mockup:

 It is a video sample that we send to our clients to see every single bit clearly.

Physical sampling:

This is the most asked question by the customers. We deliver the samples at the doorstep of our customers. You are free to examine your folders with complete satisfaction before placing your order.

Why choose Icustomfolders?

Throughout the years, we have always made sure that our customers get the most affordable price range on our every product. However, the low price should never be confused with any compromise on the quality of our products.

Similarly, our legal size hanging file folders are all that you need for boosting the level of your business and it adds to the reason behind choosing us. Within no possible time, our folders win the heart of our customers. These are some further reasons that will force you to choose us over others providers in the market:


We offer the most durable and sturdy folders for our clients. Our corporate folders printing will not only enhance the look but also gives complete safety to your corporate files. If you want to have the options of the material then we are always your first choice.


The size options given by us will surely help to secure the products in the best way. We are best known precise manufacturers of the folders in the market. You can choose any size for your folders as per your need, and we will make sure that it is delivered precisely in the ordered size.


The safety of your product is our responsibility and we totally mean it. Due to the sturdy and stable nature of the material, all your documents and items will be secured properly.


Can we get the folders in different sizes?

Yes, surely you can get the folders in different shapes and sizes. The main purpose of customization is to get every single thing as per your need and choice.

What is the price criteria of these folders?

 Even after the addition of such incredible features, we keep the prices of our folders reasonable so that everyone can order it without any stress.

Is the shipment of these folders worldwide?

This is the most asked question. So, yes icustomfolders deliver these folders worldwide.

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