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When it comes to office stationery and business presentations, you do not want to disappoint your clients and partners. ICustomFolders won’t let this happen! We introduce presentation folders with pockets to our audience. These folders are sure to impress your target consumers. As a result, you will see a tremendous increase in sales. 

We offer customization where you can use the size, shape, color, printing techniques, and more as per your likeness and requirements. Our experts will assist you with decision making and getting the best outcomes. 

Do you want to know more? How about contacting our customer care? And get a free quote; we are available 24/7.

If you think custom legal size presentation folders are out of trend, then you are absolutely wrong! They can never be as they are an important aspect of businesses. Sometimes we cannot save essential data in computers because they can be altered. So, to protect them and secure the information, we need folders for the purpose.

To make the best presentation folders, you need a good printing company that can make your wishes into reality. 

Our Premium Materials Make A Difference

To make your branded presentation folders look and feel like a brand, it is crucial to make them pure and original material. ICustomFolders has many material options for you; what are these? They are as follows: 

  • Card stock. Cardstock is heavier than the writing material but lighter than other paperboards. Companies use it for its easy availability and best performance. 
  • Cardboard. Cardboard is the second favorite of many companies. They are durable, efficient, and easy to assemble. 
  • Rigid. Do you want to make your presentation folders solid and hard? They are hard to break and strong enough to present themselves well. The rigid material is the right material for all these reasons. 
  • Linen. Linen is not that much rare, but companies use this material only when they want to be different from the rest. 

You can use two materials as well. For instance, rigid and linen can be a good idea. This customization can help in creating a good reputation in the market. 

Outstanding And Diversified Types

ICustomFolders want you to be successful in your business. To make it happen, there are a lot of building blocks that need to be done, and business presentation folders are one of them. Since they are an important part of your daily routine at work, you do not want to use the same type repeatedly. Also, one type does not need to be sufficient for every use, that is why there are other types too. 

We offer the following types for you, have a look: 

    • One Side pocket folder
    • Two sides pocket folder
    • Three sides pocket folder
    • Display pocket folder

Tremendous Uses Of Custom Folders In Daily Life

|Do you think there is anything in the world that has no use or purpose? False! Everything has a purpose. Even the ant you see on the floor or sides of the wall are there for some purpose. Likewise, presentation folders office depot has many uses as well. They are a good investment, and you can see its effects soon. 

Following are some of the benefits of custom folders, have a look: 

    • Perfectly display your company’s image.
    • The right graphics will set your country apart from the rest. 
    • Keep your company’s information fresh in mind.  
    • They are the best tool to make a first impression. 
    • You feel confident because of them. 
    • They help you organize your content and information. 

State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing & Printing Techniques

The printing techniques enable your paper presentation folders into the shape you want them to be, just like plants need oxygen, sunlight, and water to make food for itself and bloom. Likewise, the printing technique makes your dream folder a reality.

We want to be your printing company for this purpose; it is our mission to help those companies who provide genuine products to their customers. Which printing technique should you choose for your folders? Have a look at the methods we provide:

  • Offset Printing.In the offset printing method, we transfer the inked image onto a rubber blanket and then to the printing surface. It produces high-quality images that are sharp and clear. Also, it is the cheapest technique to get the desired results. 
  • Screen Printing. In the Screen-printing method, we use a mesh to transfer the ink onto the substrate. In this technique, you can make chosen areas impermeable by using a stencil. You can print a similar design multiple times in this method. 
  • Digital Printing. Unlike offset, digital printing does not need any plates to transfer the image onto the surface. It directly prints the designs on your folders. It is modern technology and applicable in a lot of industries like garments. 

Choose From A Variety of Coatings & Finishes

No one can get blank presentation folders at cheap rates and with coating on. ICustomFolders is one of the few printing companies that make sure you get the best outcome by investing the minimum amount. 

Coatings have many benefits; they give class to your product and protect it from external damages. Do you want a layer of the coating? Yes? Then select the one you find best. We have the following choices:    

  • Matte Coating. Matte coating gives a subtle and soft touch to the folder. They do not shine in the sunlight, but that does not make them any less cool. 
  • Gloss Coating. Gloss coating gives a shiny and glimmery touch to the folder. They reflect in the sunlight, and hence, people love them for it. 
  • Leather Coating. The leather coating is the application of leather on the folder’s surface. To make your folder stylish and different from others, this coating will help you a lot. 

Additional Features That Transform Your Folders

Additional features are extra embellishments that add grace and beauty to your tri fold presentation folder. Which add-ons would you like to add? Here are some of them that may help you on your journey.

Have a look:

    • Spot UV 
    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • PVC Sheet 
    • Window Cut

We Also Offer Prototypes

How can you place an order without asking for a prototype? And if your order is about photography presentation folders, then it is essential to know what you are getting yourself into. ICustomFolders love it when clients ask for samples. We feel happy and confident because, with us, there is no fakeness. We deliver what we promise. 

Following are the methods that you can use for the purpose: 

  • Flat View. The flat view is a simple method in which we send you a 2D e-file that helps to give you a general demonstration of the front and rearview. 
  • 3D Inspection. In 3D Inspection, we make it advance. By sending you a 3D e-file, you can easily check all the sides, angles, and edges. It gives a thorough understanding of your order. 
  • Physical Sampling. Some companies only demand physical sampling; they believe what we see with our eyes cannot mislead them. We totally agree with them and deliver their samples to their doorsteps. 

Why Us?

It is a habit of printing companies to brag about their services, which may or may not be true. Hence, it is wise to look for a company that someone in your circle has experience with. It will help you with a lot of things. Secondly, you can check a particular company’s website and see for their reviews section.

ICustomFolders is proud to claim that we can make your letter presentation folders one of the best in the market. Why are we proudly claiming this? Have a look at the following services and decide for yourself:

Free delivery across the United States.

Quickest turnaround time.

In case of an emergency, you can get your order around 3-4 days.

We offer reasonable price rates suitable for all businesses.

You get further discounts on bulk orders.

You can place the order with 100 folders. 

We have free of charge consultation services.

Our customer care is available 24/7 to cater to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I have customized resume presentation folders? 

Yes, we give our clients complete freedom to customize their folders in whatever shape, design, and size they want.

    • Where to get a good resume folder but at cheap rates? 

Many printing companies claim that you need to spend thousands to get the best outcome. However, this is not the case. Especially with us, we try to accommodate our clients as much as possible. So, feel free to get the best folders at reasonable price rates.

    • I like shimmery and lively folders but can’t find one. Where to get them? 

Gloss coating and few add-ons will make your dreams come true. Just tell your requirements to ICustomFolders, and then you are all set for great adventures.

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