Custom Pocket Folders

Custom Pocket Folders are all that you need on a hectic day. Put all your stuff in folders and give your hands some rest because they do need some. The folders that we make will be your helping hand everywhere you go. Also, You can use them for various purposes just like the situation asks for. Get the most adorable folders made by us in right away.

Our Premium Materials Make a Difference:

Yes, they do! The materials that we offer are reasonable and sturdy. They not only protect the folders but also keep them safe from all kinds of environmental changes too. Using stable materials to make a folder is the best we can do for you because we value your trust for us. We have a set of different materials that you can choose as per the need for your folders. However, another important factor to know about the folder materials is that they are all reusable and recyclable. Our environment is already suffering a lot of changes which is why we play our role in keeping it safe.

Choose from: 

    • Kraft
    • Cardboard
    • Corrugated
    • Rigid
    • Paper

Moreover, at ICustomFolders, we have different bonding types for all kinds of special folders. The gluing method is very crucial because the life of a folder depends on it. Therefore, we have these three techniques and each technique promises to always keep the folders intact and fixed.

    • Perforation
    • Die-cutting
    • Binding

Outstanding and Diversified Types:

Every folder that we have for you is further categorized into more and more types. The reason behind offering these diversified types is that you can make your folders look unique and specific.

Choose any type that you like and enjoy all the perks that come along with it.

    • Size Folders
    • Resume presentation folders
    • real estate presentation folders
    • remax presentation folders
    • office depot presentation folders
    • full color presentation folders
    • business presentation folders
    • paper presentation folders
  • certificate folders
    • presentation folders with pockets
  • tri fold presentation folders
    • blank presentation folders
    • embossed presentation folders
    • glossy presentation folders
    • tax presentation folders
    • 6×9 presentation folders
    • photo presentation folders
  • 2 pocket folders
    • photography presentation folders
    • kraft presentation folders
  • die cut folders
    • document presentation folders
    • legal presentation folders
    • 5×7 presentation folders
    • custom file folders
  • CD & DVD Folders
  • 9 x 12 Presentation Folders
  • Corporate Folders
  • Document Folders
  • File Folders
  • Folders with Foiling
  • Gate Folders
  • Spot UV folders
  • Tri Panel Folders
  • Mini Size Folders
  • Legal Size Presentation Folders
  • Letter Sized Presentation Folders
  • Branded presentation folders
  • presentation folders with pockets

Tremendous Uses of Custom Folders in Daily Life:

Folders have been serving their purposes in so many aspects rather than just being random folders. You get to see their daily uses as long as you know how a folder looks like. Well, custom pocket folders are available in a variety of choices, categories, colors, shapes, and designs. 

But do you know what the best part about a folder is?

You get to use them in different other things when you don’t feel like using them as folders. For instance, you can use the folders as organizers for your cosmetic and stationery products and you can also use them in extreme weather to stay safer. Moreover, the folder also serves their purpose for protecting your documents at home or at the workplace too.

Moreover, we at ICustomFolders offer premium quality folders just so you can enjoy all the perks related. Our folders are customizable and available in various options. Here, you get to decide all that you need because we are here just for your contempt. Also, our folders are famous in the market for being sturdy, robust, and affordable so you can count on us too. However, get hold of your sales and market value by choosing us as your marketing partners. Indeed, we will never let your down, and our file folders will speak up to be the most appealing.

Order yours now.

State-of-the-art Manufacturing & Printing Techniques

Furthermore, our company believes in making the folder as adorable as possible. Therefore, we have so many appealing customizations that are waiting for your response. Each customization that we have, offers a distinct purpose that no other can. You can see that the market works on newer trends. Therefore, it is essential to make trends on your own. So to make it easier for you, we have a bunch of customizations that can serve some valuable purposes for you. 

The coatings and printing techniques that we have to make the folder even brighter and glamorous. Without a doubt, your customers will buy them at the first glance.

    • Offset printing
    • Digital printing
    • CMYK
    • PMS
    • Gloss Coating
    • Matte Coating

Moreover, just to let you know, having a marketing strategy is extremely important. Therefore, to save your money, we have the below mentioned Add-ons. You can use them instead of any other marketing technique. You will also need to go to some advertisement companies because these Add-ons will fulfill your needs without any doubt. All the Add-ons that we have are affordable enough to be bought, so you don’t have to give a second thought. Look at the list and choose the one that entices you the most.

  • Spot UV:

It gives a touch of gloss, and matte coating. You can use this instead of using the gloss and matte coating separately.  This is an affordable way to save some money

  • Embossing

We use embossing to make your log speak louder than your words. It enhances your logo to become more appealing and bright. However, debossing does the exact opposite. So choose any method that you like.

Convincing prototypes for your contentment:

With the word contentment, we associate our customers’ needs and necessities that we have to fulfill. Therefore, we have a set of samples that you can see before placing an order. However, the purpose of these samples is that you can count on us and quality. These samples are free of cost so you can obviously avail of this opportunity.

  • Flat view:

This is a 2d image that is sent to you to assess the die cuts and lines of the custom made file folders

  • 3D Mockup

An even better choice because the video sample is always better than the picture. 

  • Physical sampling

Lastly, the physical sampling that we offer is the best method for your satisfaction because a premade folder is delivered at your place. Examine it nicely.

Why Choose Us?

ICustomFolders is one of the leading companies that offer folders. Our folders are top-notch and famous in the market for being valuable. Also, our premium quality folders foiling is all that you need to up your game in the industry. Choose us as your marketing partners, and we will make your folders win hearts of all your customers within no possible time. 

Here are a few reasons that you need to read before choosing someone over us.

  • Durability:

Our folders are guaranteed to be robust and sturdy. They will not only protect the products inside but will also enhance the durability and protection of your products. You can always count on us for offering the most reliable folders ever.

  • Size:

The custom sizes that we have for you will show you how sizes and dimensions help in being the best manufacturer in the market. An array of custom sizes is available only for you to decide the one that suits the best to you.

  • Volume 

Thinner folders are better than thicker folders?

No. thicker folders are better than thinner folders because they offer reliability and resistance towards the external environment. So our thick and volumized folders are probably the best ones available in the market. 

  • Security

When we say that the security of your products is our responsibility, we are not lying. 

Our folders being sturdy and stable, offer protection and safety to your products and documents at all costs.

  • Color

The amazing range of colors and designs is waiting for you so that you can see the heart-warming colors and shades and choose your favorite ones. 


What does the word “custom” mean?

The word “custom” depicts the value and need for doing anything and everything. With the word custom, you can customize the object or folder into any shape, size, color, dimension, and design. We give you a chance to make custom folders so that you can choose everything related to the folders on your won.

Do you make folders in different shapes?

Yes! The folders are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. We give our customers the full choice of choosing the shape and size as per their needs and requirements. Moreover, you can also tell us if you have any special requests because we surely will fulfill it for you. Our utmost purpose is your gratification.

Are the folders water poof?

The folders that we make are water-proof and weather-resistant too. We make them with sturdy materials so that the environmental factors don’t affect the folder and the things within it. So yes you can always count on our folders for being waterproof.

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