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What Are 9×12 Presentation Folders?

Presentation folders are an efficient way to store and organize documents. These folders come in various shapes and sizes. Thus, they can cater to many sizes of papers. Furthermore, custom presentation folders have salient features that can help simplify organizing into a complex marketing tool. One of the most used of these folders is the 9×12 presentation folder.

These folders are just shy of the legal size folders. However, they offer a significant space to safeguard the a4 paper. Furthermore, their increased size allows you to decorate with brand-enhancing images. 

Let’s dive into the various options you have when designing paper Make Sublime 9×12 Presentation Folders size. 

Printing Techniques Used To Make Stellar 9×12 Presentation Folders

Custom prints have become a staple in packaging. Customers want brands to cover the packaging with incredible designs and alluring artwork. That fact is more apparent when it comes to 9×12 presentation folders. Customers want companies to decorate paper presentation folders with eye-catching artwork that enhances the experience of using the folders. 

However, that is not all. Many brands are very clever about custom prints. They use to cover the use the large size of paper presentation folders (9×12) and display marketing material. In essence, they transform the 9×12 presentation folders into a silent salesman.

Read on below to learn about the various printing techniques that can help you Make Sublime 9×12 Presentation Folders in a bulk quantity that can entice the customers. 

  • Digital Printing Technique
  • Offset Printing Technique

Digital Printing Technique

The digital printing process is relatively new. It uses the principles of directly transferring the image to the printer. The printer reads the digital image and uses various ink sprays to replicate the design on the folders.

This method is inexpensive to set up and does not require any complex tools to function. All you need is a digital source, a laptop/computer, and a printer capable of reading digital images. Since there are no tools or initial set-up time, the turnaround times of this process are low. 

The digital printing technique can be ideal for brands who want to Make Sublime 9×12 Presentation Folders in good quality and limited time cost-effectively.

Offset Printing Technique

The offset printing technique is based on an old method of printing that requires a tool that carries the design that has to be printed. The latest technologies of offset printing use printing plates. These plates must be manufactured before the printing begins and can take many days. Thus, the turnaround times and the initial investment for this method are high. 

Furthermore, it can be very difficult to change the custom print design once the plates are made, unlike the digital printing technique. However, for all its shortcomings, the offset printing technique produces the best print quality. Moreover, this process can suit brands that want to create 9×12 presentation folders in bulk while remaining economical.

Customization Options For 9×12 Presentation Folders

There are many customization options when it comes to presentation folders. You can choose to change the size, shape, and stock of the paper presentation folders to your liking. However, what would you do if the market competition is doing the same thing? Then you’ll need to add special features and coatings that can help you truly stand out. 

Following are the different customization options that can help you create fabulous 9×12 presentation folders. 

Add-Ons For 9×12 Presentation Folders

Customers want special features that help endear them. Add-ons are those tweaks. However, all of them are not focused on providing an increased visual experience; some offer added functionality that customers can appreciate when they want to use the Make Sublime 9×12 Presentation Folders to their maximum potential.

Let’s go briefly go through these add-ons one by one. 

  • Spot UV
  • Hot Stamping 
  • Custom Pockets
  • Embossing/Debossing

Spot UV

This add-on can be ideal for brands looking to add more wear resistance to the paper presentation folders of 9×12 size. This add-on helps cover the custom printed colors with a thick, clear, and smooth solid. 

We first cover the folder per your design. Then we cure the liquid using ultraviolet light. This process helps solidify the liquid resulting in a raised ink effect.

Hot Stamping 

Suppose you want to highlight specific parts of the presentation folders like the letters, edges, or borders. In that case, hot stamping can be ideal. We attach a foil using high heat and elevated pressures. You can share your designs, or our in-house team can whip something up, pending your approval, of course.

Furthermore, you can use various finishes, such as metallic, holographic, matte, or glossy, to personalize the folders. 

Custom Pockets

Custom pockets increase the functionality of the folders. You might have USB drives or CDs related to a project that you want to store with other documents. Custom pockets help you do that. 

The only limit is your imagination when it comes to designing custom pockets. We can cater to several shapes and sizes. 


Embossing and debossing are two sides of the same coin. Embossing help raise an image from the folders’ surface. In contrast, debossing help sink it in. 

We manufacture special dies, also known as stamps, per your design. Then we compress the folders, which helps creates a beautiful textural change.

Embossing and debossing work wonderfully with various combinations of add-ons. They are an instant hit with brands looking to make their mark on the the Make Sublime 9×12 Presentation Folders. 

Let’s Get Together To Make Sublime 9×12 Presentation Folders

Whether you are looking for textured 9×12 presentation folders or simple paper presentation folders in 9×12 size, iCustom Folders can cater to all you need. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities coupled with an ever-ready team of professionals can help you make spectacular presentation folders. Call us today and let’s make turn your presentation folder dreams into reality.

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