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Finishing Coats That Make The Document Presentation Folders A Class Apart

Make Stellar Document Presentation Folders Using The Following Add-Ons And Finishing Coats

Document presentation folders have evolved from simple-looking pieces of cardboard to unique works of art. Brands realize that custom document folders hold the potential to function as more than just a tool to organize different files. 

Customizing the document storage folders is an easy way to make use of this potential. Successful brands chose to design custom document folders in creative shapes and sizes. Furthermore, they add exciting custom prints and adorn the folders with striking colors to hook the customers from afar. 

Some brands even commit to incorporating add-ons and finishing coats in their design. We have compiled some of the most attractive add-ons and finishing coats that are trendy right now. 

These customizations will help take the document folders to the next level.

Superb Add-Ons For Document Presentation Folders

Many brands that want to make their Documents folders are the solution of all your problems great need to invest in add-ons. However, they may seem like a waste of capital; any money not being spent on endearing the customers seems like a waste. 

Add-ons can help brands take their document folders to the next level. Additional features help make an extravagant mark on the customers, etching them in their minds. Add-ons allow you to decorate the document file folders with a tasteful spice that helps bring out a particular personality of the folders. 

An outstanding feature of using add-ons is that brands don’t limit using only one add-on. Thus, they can combine various add-ons on the same design. Thus, they can make exclusive designs that are unlike anything that the customers have seen before. 

However, that is not all. Add-ons help you incorporate trendy fashions onto the document storage folders. It is taking them from things that organize and store files into modern pieces of art. 

The following are some trendy options that can help you make incredible custom document folders. 

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Spot UV
  • Hot Stamping
  • Card Inserts

To learn about the details of each of the add-ons mentioned above, read on down below.


Embossing is a wonderful add-on that can help brands stamp an authoritative mark on the Documents folders are the solution of all your problems. This add-on can be perfect for brands that want to create a raised silhouette of their logo or slogan.

Embossing is done using two metal dies. These dies can work in conjunction to compress the surface of the document file folders. This compression causes the negative space between the male and female dies to leave an impression on the surface. Thus, the image is captured while raising the surface. 


Debossing can be considered the opposite of embossing. In embossing, the surface is raised. However, in debossing, the surface is not raised. It is depressed into the folder material.

This depression is done by changing the location of the male and female dies. The depressed surface can be ideal if brands want to create a tactile experience for customers in which they can’t help but have their fingers hooked to the folders. 

Embossing and debossing work beautifully with thicker materials. Thicker material offers the opportunity to display intricate details more comprehensively. Furthermore, both these add-ons are magnificent when paired with other options of add-ons. One such combination is using embossing or debossing with hot stamping. 

Spot UV

If brands give the look of the printed colors being raised off the surface of the custom Documents folders are the solution of all your problems, Spot UV can be the ideal option. This add-on helps create a smooth and transparent surface that adds another dimension to the folders. 

Manufacturers cover a part of the folders with a thick liquid that is cured using ultraviolet light. Hence, the UV. This curing causes the liquid to set. Since the surface is transparent, seeing the printed colors underneath the set liquid is easy, giving off a raised look.

Furthermore, this add-on can prove beneficial if brands want to give the custom prints on their document folders extra protection against environmental wear and tear. 

Hot Stamping
This add-on helps highlight the letters and edges. If you want to make custom document folders that look superb all on their own, Hot stamping might be a perfect option. This add-on can give off a stunning visual appearance to other simple-looking document folders. 

The design for the hot stamping is received from the clients. Then, the manufacturer uses heat and pressure to attach a thin foil to the surface of the folders. This foil can have many finishes, giving the clients options when it comes to using this add-on. These finishes can help decorate the folders in matte, glossy, or holographic effects. 

Card Inserts

To add extra functionality to the document presentation folders, manufacturers offer the option of using custom card inserts. These inserts can help brands add more pockets to the folders.  

Precise die-cut machines are used to make pockets where needed. Furthermore, brands are given the option to include the various card inserts in the original template. Thus, they can create their unique designs if they chose to.

Card inserts can be a fantastic option if brands want to enhance the customer experience with their document presentation folders. 

Finishing Coats That Make The Document Presentation Folders A Class Apart

Finishing coats are a customization option that can help uplift a stale-looking Documents folders are the solution of all your problems to the next level. These coatings have benefits that go beyond just visual enhancement.

Using finishing coats can be a good option to add more protection to the folders. Since the finishing coats are thin pieces of plastic that cover the entire folders, they can prove helpful against environmental heat and moisture. Furthermore, they can help protect the custom prints against wear and tear too.

However, their main goal is to give the folders a completed look and eye-catching visuals. Furthermore, using these customizations can help brands add a sense of personal touch to the folders.

The following are some of the finishing coats that are widely used in the industry. 

  • Gloss Finishing Coat
  • Matte Finishing Coat
  • Varnish Finishing Coat
  • Soft-Touch Finishing Coat

Gloss Finishing Coat

This coating can be perfect if you want to make flamboyant-looking document presentation folders. This coating helps increase the reflection of light coming off the folders. Thus, the folders with gloss finishing coats will sparkle as they enter any room.

Matte Finishing Coat

The matte finishing coat can be perfect for brands that want to ensure that their folders look classy and regal. This coating helps the brightness of the printed colors. Furthermore, it also produces less reflected light. Thus, the folders look subtle yet powerful.

Varnish Finishing Coat

Brands that want the effect of their finishing coat to reside somewhere between the matte and the glossy finish chose the varnish finishing coat. Hence, this coating is also known as the ‘subdued gloss coating.’ 

Soft-Touch Finishing Coat

The soft-touch finishing coating is a fantastic way to endear the customers by giving them a warm, welcoming tactile feel. 

The customization mentioned above are some of the options brands have when making document presentations that can stand out in the fiercely competitive market. However, these are not the only customizations brands can avail when designing their custom folders. 

If you want to learn more about the various customizations that can help you make the custom document folders that take customers’ breath away, contact I Custom Folders today. Our team of experts is willing to help guide you through crafting document folders that leave an everlasting mark.

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