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Printing Techniques That Can Beautify Your Kraft Presentation Folders

Printing techniques are used to decorate the Kraft presentation folders to look more appealing. Clients can provide their custom prints. However, some manufacturers hire in-house designers who can help complete or make new designs to capture the brand values.

Printing techniques are a vital part of making Kraft folders. Just because these folders are made of eco-friendly packaging material does not mean they should lack visual aesthetics. Furthermore, the natural brown can function as a wonderful backdrop for various custom prints. 

When selecting a printing technique, brands should be mindful of a handful of vital factors. Keeping these factors in mind when selecting a printing technique can help companies save on the cost of printing small or large-volume orders. 

The following key points can help you make a better decision when narrowing down the printing options, whether it be Kraft paper folders or Kraft paper pocket folders. 

First and foremost, companies should be mindful of the print quality they require. It is no use if companies aim for expensive printing techniques when they want to cover the packaging in a monochromatic shade. Secondly, they should consider the initial time and capital required to get the printing techniques going. Some printing techniques need a significant amount of time when starting. In contrast, other printing techniques need no start-up time. Furthermore, they are simple procedures that require no initial investment. 

Companies should also be mindful that some techniques allow the clients to make design changes without any fuss. However, making the same design changes using other techniques would cause the printer to start the process from the beginning, increasing cost and wasting valuable time of the clients. 

Having a clear understanding of the various points brands should keep in their minds when selecting a printing technique, let’s dive into the different printing techniques that are widely used in the folder printing industry. 

The following couple of options are readily available at almost any folder printer.

  • Digital printing technique
  • Offset printing technique

Let’s see how each of these printing techniques functions and to cater to the points mentioned above.

Digital Printing Technique

Brands looking to complete a small-volume order of Kraft paper look folders tend to favor the digital printing technique due to its cost-effectiveness when making small-scale orders. This printing method is a simple technique that can be set up quickly and fast turnaround time. 

This simplicity comes from the fact that these printing techniques only need two components. Firstly, it needs a digital source that has the digitalized image that is to be printed. The second part is the printer itself.

This technique is classified as a direct printing technique because transferring the image to the printer happens without extra steps. It works by sending the image to the printer, which uses concentrated ink sprays to disperse various colors on the folders. The ink droplets mix to create shades as they travel from the spray head onto the Kraft presentation folders

Since the image is present digitally, it is easy to make design changes. Furthermore, the print quality of this process is good enough to cater to branding and marketing needs.

Offset Printing Technique

This printing technique produces an unmatched print quality. Customers describe the images as having a life of their own. However, this incredible print quality comes at a price.

The price clients pay for using this printing technique is in terms of initial capital and time. This printing technique works by transferring the ink from a pool to the printing plate. Firstly, the manufacturing of the printing plate is a time-consuming process. Thus, the turnaround times for this technique are high. Secondly, once made, it is next to impossible to change the print design. Thus, brands must have a finalized print design before commencing the printing process.

However, the offset printing method is economical when completing large-scale orders. Thus, brands that are looking to make a large number of custom printed Kraft paper look folders can find themselves benefiting from this printing technique.

Whatever the case may be, custom prints can help you take the Kraft paper folders to the next level. Successful brands make sure that their packaging can serve multiple purposes. Custom printed Kraft paper pocket folders are a perfect example that falls in that category. They offer increased functionality. Furthermore, they can be used as walking billboards that market your products and brands. 

I Custom Folders is a leading manufacturer of custom Kraft folders . Our state-of-the-art printing techniques help you create stellar custom prints. Furthermore, we offer in-house designers that can help bring your vision to life. We offer a host of customization options that can help you make custom Kraft presentation folders that stand out from the sea of competitors. Reach out today, and let us take your Kraft presentation folders to the next level.  

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