What Are Some Types Of Custom Certificate Folders?

What Are Some Types Of Custom Certificate Folders?

How to customize different types of Custom Certificate Folders?

Custom Certificate Folders are a great way to present certificates and diplomas at business functions, graduations, weddings, and other celebrations. The folder is a 3-ring binder with a slot on one side for a diploma or certificate to fit in. Some of these folders have the page protector on the inside and front and back pockets for adding additional items.

They can also be used to protect certificates and diplomas in general. The cover is essential because it contains the most text and graphics, so you want to ensure that the design will help your items stand out. The front of the folder generally has a large imprint area for text and/or graphics, depending on your choice. Smaller imprints that match the style of this folder may also be added to the spine or back.

What Are Some Types Of Custom Certificate Folders?

There are two main types of custom size folders: the ‘Type A’ and the ‘Type B.’ Type A is more traditional, and it includes an inside sleeve for your award certificates. On the other hand, Type B has no Sleeve but is lined with velvet or suede on the inside, which creates a nice visual effect. 

Type A

The traditional Type A Folder can store multiple awards and certificates. It also has two flaps on the inside where you can insert additional content, like brochures or CDs. You can either go for full color (inkjet/laser) printing or 1-Colour (letterpress, foil stamp, etc.). The available materials are gloss paper stock, matte paper stock, PVC leather, and PU faux leather. Coated paper stocks are also available upon request at an additional cost. Please contact us if you wish to use different materials than listed here. Usually, the dimensions of this folder are 215x310mm (8 5/16 x 12 3/8 inches). If you want to combine your certificate with other contents, consider using a combination folder.

Type B

The versatile Type-B Folder comes in two options: the standard version and the Deluxe Version. The Standard Folder is made from suede on the inside, while the Deluxe comes with velvet inside lining, which creates a premium effect when you open it up. Both models have the main pocket to store your award certificates but no additional flaps or sleeves where you can insert extra flyers or brochures. These folders come in three different sizes: A5 (148x210mm), A4 (210x297mm), and A3 (297x420mm). 

The main difference between Type A and Type B folders is that you can display awards and certificates of different sizes in this model. There’s no need to frame all certificates at once because you can slip them into one of 9 pockets (7 regular ones and two larger ones). 

*Foil Stamping and Embossing need additional working days for production. If you chose Foil Stamping & Embossing, please contact us first before placing your order.

How to customize the presentation folders?

Customizing a Custom Certificate Folders is a crucial decision that needs to be made. A few items should be considered before putting together a final design. The type of certificate, the design, and the size of the frame will all affect how it looks. A certificate can be framed in either a vertical or horizontal format.

To make the best decision about what to do, one must consider how often they will be presenting their certificate. If you are going to present it every day, you should find something durable and strong enough to withstand frequent use. If you’re not sure how many times you’ll present your certificate, then another option would be for someone to choose something more collapsible and less permanent.

The next thing to consider is how formal a presentation you want. If this will be a very eloquent presentation, a French-style mat would make for a more elegant look. If you are going to make several presentations simultaneously, you should choose something that allows for multiple certificates to stand side by side.

More about Presentation folders

When using an expensive frame, it’s best not to use one that can’t accommodate numerous certifications because it may get broken during transport or when someone bumps into it. You could always buy replacement certificate holders if necessary.

The most significant factor in determining what type of Custom Certificate Folders you should use is the size of your certificate and the design on it. Some plans are incredibly intricate and detailed, making them susceptible to being bumped or mishandled. In this case, then maybe a collapsible holder would be most prudent for you to use. This way, you can always have it looking excellent and pristine. A certificate is usually something that will last a very long time and represents an achievement of some kind; therefore, you should put as much effort into making your presentation folder as gorgeous as possible.

I Custom Folders is the name to trust when you plan to create the best Custom Certificate Folders for your business or personal use. You have the freedom to design custom folders with the color of your choice. Call us today to know more about our services or place an order for certificate folders in bulk! 

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