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How To Customize Manila File Folders

How Can Custom File Folders Benefit Your Company’s Branding And Marketing Efforts?

Manila File Folders can be a great organizational tool. They come in many sizes and colors, they have tabs to label the contents, and you can store them on shelves or hang them from a file cabinet. 

So why do some people avoid using file folders? It’s because it takes time to put everything away! But if you’re willing to invest that 5-10 minutes each day, after just a few weeks, your home will be noticeably more organized. Here are some tips for making this worthwhile investment: 

1) Put similar items together (alphabetically or by category). 2) Take five minutes at the end of every workday to organize your desk before you leave for the night. 3) Label all file folders with their contents so that you’ll be able to find anything quickly. 4) Keep up with this habit each day, before or right after work (if possible), and your files will always be accessible, and you’ll never have to spend hours searching for an important paper again!

How To Customize File Folders

Manilla file folders are one of the simplest forms of file folders. However, you can make them look intriguing with the help of a few customization options. The most popular is labeling the file folders with a printed label. This is an economical and simple method. You can also personalize Manilla file folders by printing images directly on the folder. It’s not only stylish, but it’s good for brand promotion too!

Give Your Files Some Color

Labels are great, but they’re not the only way to spruce up your Manila File Folders. One great tip is to use colored papers for your labels so that you can color-code items and files according to their contents or categories. 

For example, green labels for household property (e.g., leases and insurance), blue for banking (e.g., bills and loan statements), and red for personal (e.g., tax documents and medical records).

Aside from that, you can add various colors to create custom printed file folders. Brand-accurate colors can help you enhance branding. You can even make green file folders that look stunning. 

Label File Folders With QR Codes

Another way to make your 11x 17 file folders pop is by labeling them with QR code stickers. These can be ordered in bulk, and you can print them on self-adhesive labels or use the peel-and-stick method to place them anywhere you like. Using a QR code will link your customer to whatever website or contact information you desire. This is an effective marketing tool because it allows for real-time interaction even when you’re not there!

File Folder With Pockets

If you want to incorporate additional storage space into your Manila File Folders, then add custom pockets. You can choose from clear pockets, pockets with card slots, and even pockets that zip up. They’re available in a variety of shapes and sizes- so you will definitely find the perfect fit for any 11×17 file folder. 

Other Add-Ons For File Folders

Many add-ons can help you create personalized Manila File Folders. They include:

  • Spot UV
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Hot Stamping

Let’s go through these options in detail.

Spot UV

This add-on can make an everlasting impression. Spot UV is an additional layer of coating that is applied to the printed area to make it look shiny and brilliant. This gives your Manila File Folders a rich and elegant look and also protects the prints from fading and damage.


Debossing adds texture by engraving your chosen design into the folder or label. It’s best for creating a durable custom Manila File Folders that lasts long, especially if you choose leather as the material.


This method uses heated plates to raise logos, text, designs, photos, etc., to create an elevated effect on your customized file folders. This will give them a unique feel and attention-grabbing appearance. These raised areas are created with soft materials so they won’t damage over time like hard materials might.

Hot Stamping

This is another way to make your customized Manila File Folders stand out. Hot stamping involves using a heated tool to transfer designs onto your custom file folder. The heat will leave an imprint of your design, logo, text, etc., on the print surface to create an elegant and unique effect.

File Folder Printing Tips 

1) Be creative- Your custom Manila File Folders are blank canvases just waiting for you to design them! So have fun with it- think of what you like and experiment freely with your ideas. For example, you can mix up different colors or styles (e.g., print some areas in spot UV while leaving other parts debossed). 

2) Use branded colors- Colors allow you to make your file folders look stunning and help you increase brand awareness. Branded colors such as Pantone standards, PMS matching systems, TruMatch etc., can perfectly complement your company’s branding. You can also use custom colors that fit best with your company identity and graphic themes. 

3) Make it pop- Think of ways on how you can make your customized file folders more eye-catching and alluring for clients and target customers (e.g., add QR codes). You can even order colored paper that will give a totally new look to ordinary manilla folder stock! 

4) Make sure you order in bulk- Ordering file folders for your business in bulk will help you save money. You can even get discounts or incentives when ordering more than just one case! However, always remember that printing colors take up more manilla folder stock, so consider this when estimating how many to order.

5) Use sturdy materials- If you want your customized 11x 17 file folders to last long, then make sure they are made of quality materials (e.g., 12 pt cardstock). 

6) Store them properly- Manila File Folders gather dust and take up space if they’re left lying around in messes. It would be best to place the files in cabinets or shelves to avoid getting damaged. 


Creating personalized file folders is a great way to give your company branding and marketing materials an edge. Customizing manila folders with UV coating, debossing, hot stamping etc., will make them stand out from the rest of the competition. You can also use these methods for other products, such as brochures or pamphlets that you may want to order in bulk! When designing customized files, the most important thing is being creative- have fun with it and experiment freely with your ideas. Our team at ICustomFolders has been helping businesses create unique printed designs using all sorts of techniques so let us know what we can do for you!

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