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What Should You Look for in A 9×12 Presentation Folders?

What To Look For In 9×12 Presentation Folders Wholesale Suppliers

There are many reasons why you might need a Presentation Folders 9×12. Maybe you’re an artist looking to present your portfolio, or maybe you’re a teacher preparing for the next school year. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know what type of 9×12 presentation folder work best for your particular situation. 

Cardboard presentation folder 9×12 might be the best option for you. They’re durable and usually able to fit up to 10 large pieces of paper inside. But they do not come with a protective cover. For that reason, cardboard presentation folders are sometimes referred to as “pizza boxes.”

If you want a 9×12 presentation folder with a protective cover, consider cardboard presentation covers. These types of presentation folders often come in sets of three or five (cover leftovers make great gifts), and most manufacturers offer cardboard colors along with classic black and options. It’s important to make sure cardboard presentation covers are made of the same cardboard material as your presentation folders. Otherwise, these plastic protective covers may not fit correctly.

Professional Option

For a more professional option, consider aluminum presentation folders. They’re sturdy and sleek but heavy enough to stand up on their own even if they’re empty. Like cardboard 9×12 folder, aluminum presentation folders usually come in sets of three or five (and again, cover leftovers make great gifts). Aluminum also offers other standard colors like blue and green and metallic silver and gold. So that you can match your 9×12 presentation folder with colors or the corporate colors at work. It’s important to note that aluminum is slightly different than cardboard. So be sure to double-check your 9×12 presentation folder color options before you buy. 

It can also help to go over the various prototyping options carefully. Prototyping options can help you decide what style of 9×12 folders work best for your situation. For example, suppose you’re using sky blue colors for cardboard 9×12 presentation. In that case, you can choose to leave them all solid colors or opt for dotted cardboard 9×12 presentation folders so they stand out even more.

We offer three prototyping options that can help you make the right decision and check for any mistakes that might have occurred during the design phase. 

Let’s dive into the details of the different types of prototypes we offer. They include 2D flat-view die-card, 3D mock-up folding video, and physical sampling. 

2D Flat View Die-Card

This type of prototyping is a useful option for cardboard presentation folders 9×12. It gives you a clear look at what your cardboard 9×12 presentation folder will look like from the outside and inside. Hence, there aren’t any surprises once you receive your cardboard 9×12 presentation folders. 

3D Mock-Up Folding Video

This type of prototyping is great for cardboard presentation covers. Or aluminum presentation folders because it not only lets you see what your cardboard presentation folder looks like from the outside and inside but also how they fold together. 

Physical Sampling

If the cardboard isn’t quite right for cardboard presentation folders or cardboard isn’t quite right for cardboard 9×12 presentation folders, you can always opt for physical sampling. Doing so gives you life-sized cardboard or aluminum prototype that lets you see what cardboard presentation folders will look like in person.

There are many benefits of studying the prototypes carefully. They can help significantly save costs if any mistake has taken place. 

What Should You Look for in A 9×12 Presentation Folders Supplier?

This question is going through the mind of everyone who wants to create customized Presentation Folders 9×12.

Many factors come in when deciding on a 9×12 folders wholesale supplier. 

Let’s look at the various factors that you should be mindful of.


When determining whether cardboard Folders 9×12 are right for you, it’s important to consider the cost. A typical set of cardboard 9×12 presentation folders costs $25-$40 and includes five cardboard 9×12 presentation folders and one cardboard cover. So if you’ve never made a set of custom plastic name card holders and want to test things out with cardboard, this is a great option. 


The most common packaging material in terms of strength is the corrugated packaging material. Its durability makes it suitable for all uses, from recycling garbage bags to cardboard 9×12 folders. Quality cardboard is difficult to tear, fade-proof, waterproof, and wrinkle-proof. It can help to ensure your supplier offers various options of packaging materials to suit your needs. 


The supplier should offer many options of colors for making the best custom prints. For cardboard 9×12 presentation folders, color options are cardboard. 


The supplier should have adequate facilities to produce cardboard Presentation Folders 9×12 or cardboard 9×12 presentation folders in bulk. It must be capable of producing cardboard presentation covers without any errors.

Size Options 

Another important factor to keep in mind is size and shape options. All of our cardboard name card holders come standard as 9″x 12. Doing so gives you life-sized cardboard or aluminum prototype that lets you see what cardboard 9×12 presentation folders. Or cardboard 9×12 presentation folders will look like in person.


The supplier should offer many folding options to suit your needs with cardboard 9×12 presentation folders and cardboard 9×12 presentation covers or any other type of cardboard name cardholders.

Series Production 

You should consider the number of colors that are available for printing on cardboard 9×12 presentation folders. Suppose your business is big enough to require cardboard 9×12 presentation folders in multiple colors and cardboard 9×12 presentation covers. In that case, that’s a good indication that you’ll need to look at the suppliers who offer cardboard Presentation Folders 9×12 or cardboard presentation folders for series production.


The supplier should ship cardboard 9×12 folders or Folders 9×12 on time without any issues. 

Time of Delivery

The cardboard Presentation Folders 9×12 supplier should produce cardboard 9×12 presentation folders within the time specified.

Quality Standards 

The cardboard Presentation Folders 9×12 supplier should use cardboard with high-quality standards so that cardboard name card holders or cardholders live up to your expectations.

Packaging And Handling 

The cardboard 9×12 presentation folder supplier should be capable of offering cardboard 9×12 presentation cover folding and packaging and assembly, shipping, and handling in good condition.

Customer Service

Based on customer feedback, you can judge whether a cardboard 9×12 presentation covers supplier is trustworthy or not. Customer complaints may save you the trouble later on.

Customization Options

It can be beneficial if the supplier offers customization options for cardboard presentation folders which you can consider. The supplier should make cardboard Presentation Folders 9×12 from your supplied design, cardboard presentation covers, or artwork.

Quality Control 

The cardboard Presentation Folders supplier should have effective quality control measures in place so that cardboard name cardholders meet all of your expectations and requirements. It should offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with cardboard 9×12 presentation to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your cardboard name cardholders.

Write a conclusion for the content above cardboard presentation folders come in many different shapes. If you’re not sure which cardboard  9×12 presentation folder or cardboard  9×12 presentation holder to choose, consider the following.

Cardboard  9×12 folders should be made of high-quality material so they can live up to your expectations;. Ensure that there are plenty of colors available for printing on cardboard  9×12 presentations folders. Or cardboard  9×12 presentations covers before ordering any series production. Make sure the supplier offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with its products to protect yourself from dissatisfying purchases later on. It’s also helpful if it provides packaging and handling services and assembly, shipping, and handling in good condition.

I Custom Folders creates the best 9×12 folders to help you make a great impression on your clients. The cardboard 9×12 presentation folders are among the best-selling items in our selection of custom presentation folder manufacturing services that can be personalized with either printing or laser engraving. Our team of experts is waiting to help you out with cardboard presentation folders!

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