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What Are The Benefits Of Custom Printed Gate Folders? –

How To Make Your Own Professional-Looking Gatefold Folder At Home With No Experience Or Equipment Necessary

We all know that paper has been around for a very long time. And it is still used in many different ways today. One of the most common uses of paper is folding. The majority of these folds are made to make things like envelopes, boxes. And even books, but there are also other types that we don’t often think about or use as often, such as Custom Printed Gate fold Folders. 

Gate Folders: What Are They? 

A Custom Printed Gate Folders is a document with two sides printed on one sheet which can be folded. So both pages show at once when opened from the short edge opposite the spine. German printer Friedrich Koenig originally designed this type of folder in 1818. 

The original purpose of the gate fold was to allow a publisher to inform a wider audience about an upcoming publication while also including advertisements by other companies. Hence, they are also known as marketing gatefold folders. 

By 1831 English printers had adopted this style of the folder, and it quickly spread throughout Europe and America. There are three types of gate folds: single sheets, double-sided blanks, and single-sided blanks. The most common type is the double-sided blank folder with two folded flaps on one side that can be opened either from the top or bottom edge. This fold produces a simple but effective display piece that allows the viewer to see both inside and out without having to turn the piece over, just as one would have to do with a brochure or catalog. 

Gate Folders: How Are They Used?

Today, Custom Printed Folders are still used by many companies in their promotional material for advertisements and publications. This type of folder is very eye-catching. As it allows readers to see what is being offered without having to turn the page over which some people have a hard time doing. Especially with the larger sized flaps on some of these pieces.

Gate folds can be made from paper or another heavier cardstock style material and plastic. Which some printers may use more often than not today. Since it helps save money and produces a high-quality finish that looks impressive. There are many ways gate folds can be folded both horizontally and vertically depending on how others view the finished piece. 

As you can see, the gate fold folder is an effective way to get people’s attention. When they are looking at your advertisements. And publications by giving them a sneak peek of what you have to offer while keeping all their attention focused on what is being displayed. Gate fold folders are still used today for many different types of print media that people use every day.

Such as newspapers, magazines, brochures, catalogs, and flyers, just to name a few. They generally aren’t very expensive. But it does depend on how much work goes into making each piece. So some printing companies may charge more than others for this type of print process due to the intricacies involved with its production.

The good news is that gate folds do not require an expert printer and can be done at home with a little research.

And some patience as long as you have the necessary equipment to do so, such as an inkjet or laser printer.

Gate Folders: How Are They Made?

First, your document must be formatted properly, including having it set up for double-sided printing so both flaps will show when opened from either top or bottom edge of your finished piece. Your document size must also allow enough room on each side of the paper for the two flaps to open properly without any interference from other elements on each page.

Since this type of folder is normally printed on larger sheets of paper, you’ll want to make sure that there are no photos. Illustrations or other images that are running too close to the left or right edge of your sheets so the flaps can be cut off properly.

The next step is to have your local printer print out each page, including front and back, with double-sided printing, which will allow each side to show when opened from either top or bottom. 

Once this process is finished, you will need a paper trimmer to cut off any excess material that may interfere with the two open edges where the flaps are located on both sides of your document. Next, place all pages in sequential order for easy assembly later on in another folding machine that has been adjusted to accommodate gatefold folders if you want consistent looking results without having any variations between one flap opening before the other during the production process.

Each page will be trimmed and folded separately until all pages have been finished, and this is when the document is ready to assemble by pressing each side together for a secure fit. 

What Are The Benefits Of Gate Folders? – 

Custom Printed Gate Folders look very impressive and professional when folded because both flaps open at the same time while showing off your print media while allowing easy access to what it contains inside, along with the option of displaying it on a table or countertop without having to turn it over just like other types of folders, brochures, catalogs, etc.

It’s also less expensive than some other options, which can save you money in the long run for large print jobs that require multiple pieces. If you are looking for a way to get people’s full attention while looking at your advertisements, gate fold folders are the way to go without a doubt.

Gate Folders: How To Make A Document

In order to make a document that is formatted properly for creating a successful gatefold folder, you should start by inserting photos and any other images before printing out double-sided onto normal 8 ½ x 11-inch sheets of paper from either an inkjet or laser printer. You can also use large photo paper or card stock which will give you a more professional look, along with having them printed in high resolution, so they look great when displayed up close once finished.

Ensure there is no blank space going right up to the edge so it doesn’t interfere with how each flap is cut. And then folded into position before assembling them all together. Once this is finished, trim each piece to allow about a quarter of an inch at the top.

And bottom for extra material that can be easily hidden under the spine. Which will give you a finished look on both sides when it’s open. Gate fold folders are by far one of the best-looking presentation pieces available today without any need for expert printing services, so anyone can do their own print jobs from home with some patience and by following these simple steps to produce professional-looking results.

Gate Folders: Tips And Tricks

Make sure you have your equipment set up properly by first printing out a test page to check for proper alignment, along with making sure there isn’t too much excess material that will interfere with the two flaps being opened from either side. You can have a look at what’s available online for inspiration or check out your local library to find books with examples of gatefold folders within them as this is a great way to learn more about the subject and how it works before even trying to make one yourself from scratch.

Using Gate Folders For Presentations

These types of folders are very popular in the business world because they easily allow you to showcase important information without having to turn anything over like other options out there, making them perfect for sales presentations where a large audience is watching along with having people take notes on any vital details that might be going on all parts of the presentation including giving out samples and the like.

If you want to make sure your audience stays focused, using a Custom Printed Gate fold Folders is definitely the way to go, and it’s precisely why many businesses invest in these types of folders because they work very well for them and their sales teams alike. There are also different styles available such as those that can be set up vertically or horizontally. Depending on what will look best with the information being shown off inside. All while still looking impressive as ever as well as keeping everyone’s attention throughout without fail.

Gate Folders: How To Find More Information

As mentioned above, one great resource for finding more information about how to create gatefold folders, including some tips, tricks and other helpful hints, would come from the internet. However, if you are a professional to help you make the best gatefold folders in the market, we are at your service. 

iCustom Folders offers custom gatefold folders that can help pull customers towards your brand. We offer various customization options that can help you solidify your brand identity while keeping documents safe. 

Get in touch with our customer care representatives to know more about our gate fold folders. Contact us now to get started! 

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