Elevate Your Presentation Folders With Pockets

5 Add-Ons That Elevate Your Presentation Folders With Pockets To The Next Level

The evolution of the boardroom culture has seen many changes. Special considerations have to be made for clothing, mannerisms, and even speaking in a more formal tone. Brands put enormous time and effort into making sure that the meeting room is how it should be. 

Successful brands focus on letting their meeting room be an extension of the company. They decorate it to display their brand values and mission statements. Furthermore, the pens, notepads, and even the chairs are all custom made so that the company can leave an everlasting impression on their customers. 

One of the most important things in the meeting room is the Custom folders . Custom presentation folders with pockets have been known to embed the brand into the mind of the customers. They allow various files to be stored in a single place. Furthermore, pockets allow the customers to keep any important business contacts in a safe location.

Custom presentation folders can be a marketing tool that can enhance branding. With various printing techniques and color models, brands have many options to adorn folders with attractive designs. Furthermore, brands can design a3 presentation folders with pockets to grab the customers’ attention.

Moreover, you can embellish the custom folders with many striking add-ons and finishing coats. These extra features will help you create brand-exclusive designs that look unique. You can also impart endearing effects using many creative options. 

Let’s look at some of the various add-ons options that can help you make bewildering custom presentation folders with pockets.

Add-ons are a splendid option if you want to change the texture of your Elevate Your Presentation Folders With Pockets. These features help impart various effects ranging from raising your brand logo and slogans to highlighting and lettering or edges. 

Since add-ons don’t cover all the space on the presentation folders, you can mix and match different options simultaneously to create designs that stand out from the competitive market. 

The following are some of the most popular add-ons available in the industry right now.

  • Card Inserts 
  • Foiling 
  • Raised Ink (Spot UV) 
  • Embossing 
  • Debossing 

Card Inserts 

Card inserts are the perfect way to add Elevate Your Presentation Folders With Pockets. These inserts are made using precise cuts in the material. Adding pockets to your design can increase their functionality and enhance the overall experience of the customers.

Some manufacturers offer pre-built templates with presentation folders with pockets. However, most of them are shifting towards offering the clients the option to create custom designs with many pockets.


This add-on can help you create beautiful-looking designs. A thin metallic foil is attached to the surface of the folders using heat and pressure. Thus, it is also known as hot stamping. 

Brands can alter the foil so that they can have a layer of personalization on their folders. The different effects that are widely used are matte, glossy, and holographic. These effects can allure the customers. Furthermore, common use of this add-on is to use it along the edges and borders to give the folders a complete look

Moreover, you can use this add-on even to highlight the letters on the folders. If you want to make your brand slogan and mission statement on the folders prominent, opt for the foiling add-on.

Spot UV 

This add-on is also known as the raised-ink technique. Unlike the UV coating, which covers the entire surface with a cured liquid, this add-on is only applied to a specific area. This technique can be helpful if you want to cover the surface with a thick liquid and cure it using ultraviolet light. 

This procedure results in a raised surface that can also help protect the printed colors against environmental wear and tear. Furthermore, the smooth and clear surface can make the printed colors seem raised off the surface. 


Imagine if you could literally elevate your brand. Well, that is possible with the help of embossing. With this add-on, you create a raised silhouette of any image. The customers are in shock and awe as their fingers glide over the extra dimension on the folders. 

You achieve this effect by compressing the Elevate Your Presentation Folders With Pockets with the help of two metal dies. These dies have a male and female component. The compress the folder’s surface, and the negative space between the dies is captured on the material’s surface. 

Almost any image can be used. Thus, you have the option to create immaculate-looking presentation folders with pockets. 


Debossing is a process that creates a sunken or depressed image on the folder surface. In ways, it is the opposite of embossing. Much like embossing, this add-on can create amazing tactile feedback that can hook your customers’ fingers. 

You can achieve this effect by switching the positions of the male and female dies—furthermore, both embossing and debossing work great with other add-ons. One of the most combinations is using embossing or debossing and coupling it with hot stamping. 

The result of this combination is an extra dimension that stands out due to the tasteful highlights. 

Add-ons are a superb way to add a sense of personalization to your Elevate Your Presentation Folders With Pockets. Furthermore, they allow you to create designs that can seem to be unique to your brand. Customers appreciate the added features as it tells them that the brand has paid attention to the little details. Thus, they have a more favorable outlook.

Custom presentation folders with pockets are the missing link between your brand and unparalleled success.

However, it will be helpful to note that add-ons are not the only customization that can help you out. Creating a completed look demands that you focus on adding attractive custom prints, finishing coats, and most vital of all, choose the right material for making the folders. iCustom Folders can help you out with all of that and more. Why make custom logo presentation folders with no pockets when iCustom Folders can help you create exciting designs that elevate your brand to the next level. Reach out to our team today, and let’s get to it.

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