Tri-Panel Presentation Folders

How to Design Tri-Panel Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders are often used in business because of their professional look and ability to fit important information such as letters, papers, or even CD’s.  

With the vast number of styles that can be found today for Tri-Panel Presentation Folders. Anyone looking to get a custom look should not have difficulty finding just what they want. A few different types of styles include tri-panel (which usually contains an 8 ½” x 11″ pocket at the top), bi-fold (which gives you two equal-sized flat panels), and tri-panel folders (where three panels fold together). Each style will contain its unique benefits, while some companies may prefer one over another based on their preference.

To create a custom folder, you may need your company’s logo and branding color scheme. In addition, most companies will also want their logo to be added to the design and information. Such as business name and contact information. Depending on what type of event or meeting you are trying to cater to. You may also find that adding more photos onto your presentation folders can help draw attention and leave a lasting impression on those who see it first.

Once completed and designed, all presentation folders should be printed using high-quality paper that is durable enough for numerous uses. Since presentation folders usually contain essential documents which must remain clean and un-marred throughout the delivery process, always use at least 20lb paper to ensure a professional presentation.

When designing

When designing your next folder, consider what material choices you have. And how these items will help create the perfect first impression for any occasion. If you are unable to find a specific type of folder on which to print, knowing. How to design your own from scratch using an online tool can eliminate this issue and save money in the process. While some people might consider creating folders themselves. If you want professional-looking tri-fold pocket folders, you need to consider taking the services of reputable companies.  

Having custom printed folders is easy. With some helpful tips and tools at your disposal to create a unique look that fits your preferences best. To get started, all it takes is opening a blank page within word or Pages and setting up different sections for each panel accordingly. When creating the actual content inside each panel. You can draw attention to important points within your presentation. By adding additional text boxes onto the actual template or simply creating a more interesting layout.

Designing stationery is a great way to help promote your business or make it easier for people to identify you. If you need any help with your tri-panel presentation folders. Using an online resource can be helpful to create one that will ensure the best first impression quickly. It doesn’t take much work and time to get started when using one of these tools. So try them out today to see what they have available in store!

Tips To Design Stellar Tri-Panel Presentation Folders

You need to follow these tips when looking for the best tri-fold pocket folders. 

1.  Keep it clean

In this case, you should keep your tri-panel presentation folders clutter-free and straightforward. You don’t need a lot of visuals that will only give the person a headache just from looking at them.

2. Make your logo stand out

Your company’s logo is what people will see first once they look at these folders. So you should make sure that it looks as good as possible, by using good fonts and colors and making sure. That it is properly placed within each folder template.

3. Experiment with different layouts

You don’t have to stick with one layout for all your folders. Mixing up the layouts can make things more interesting, capturing someone’s attention first.

4. Build your design with shapes

You can use creative shapes to build your design instead of text boxes. For example, you can use triangles to give the folders some height or go with circles. It’s all up to you, so have fun with these things!

5. Select high-quality printing paper

Although it may not seem like a big deal at first, if you don’t choose print paper that is simply too low quality, yourTri-Panel Presentation Folders won’t look as good as they should, which gives you a wrong first impression.

6. Use templates for an easier designing process

Not only are templates great for making sure that everything on your tri-panel presentation folders looks perfect, but they are also extremely helpful since they allow you to simply drag and drop different content where they need to go for a much easier designing process.


After learning about these helpful tips and tools, it’s time to get started on your tri-panel presentation folders. Remember that your logo should always be the first thing people see when they take one of these out, so make sure that it looks amazing by using good fonts and colors before moving on to the rest of the design. Once finished, make sure to select a high-quality print paper that will hold up through multiple uses while also having custom branded printing done for an added touch.

I Custom Folders can help you create custom tri-panel presentation folders for your business. We use the best printing techniques to give the folders a good print quality. We offer various customizations to help you design folders that can entice your customers and help you present the information in a streamlined fashion. Give us a call today to know more about our services. 

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