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Consider while picking a blank presentation folder?

Customize Epic Presentation Folders For The Perfect Business Image

Are you looking for blank presentation folders to give an impression of professionalism? If yes, then this blog post will help you find the perfect presentation folder! There are many different types of presentation folders out there. But before making a decision on which one is best for your needs, read through this blog post. It will help you learn how to choose between all the options.

There are many different types of presentation folders. For example, business card cases, plastic pockets, and document holders! But the most common type is a blank presentation folder with a customized cover and spine color to match your company branding colors. The inside pages can be made from paper or recycled material such as PET (plastic) for durability to protect the files inside. In addition, there are other features such as a business card holder and additional storage space for cards or CD/DVDs!

What to consider while picking a blank presentation folder?

When designing your blank presentation folders you might want to consider the following questions:

-What’s the purpose of your blank white presentation folder? Is it for sales, office use or to transport documents?

-Does the design go along with what your company is trying to present in its branding image?

-How important are aesthetics? Do you need a durable enclosure that can protect files through many years of use?

-Is it necessary to have additional storage space for cards or CD/DVDs? If so, how much should be provided, and what size should it be (about an inch wide and 0.5 inches long)?

Now, here is how you can customize your presentation folders. 

Printing Techniques To Design Presentation Folders

Digital Printing

This is an economical option. It can provide high-quality graphics and pictures with accurate color reproduction, but the design has to be simple (not too many details). Digital prints are also good for photos that match your company branding colors. Your file should also be free of blemishes or lines – these will show up in the blank presentation folder that are cheap. In addition, it’s easy to print different colors on one page with digital printing!

Offset Printing

This is a more expensive option that provides an excellent quality result and can accurately reproduce full-color images from your file. It also offers the ability to use spot colors for certain parts of the design, so they don’t print in the same color as the rest of your order. This is a great choice for complex designs with many colors and details in the design. Offset printing uses less ink, which makes 6×9 pocket folders that are blank, environmentally friendly too!

More Customization Techniques For Blank Presentation Folders

Letterpress Printing

It’s a classic technique that offers an embossed effect on paper or card stock because raised surfaces are pressed into the paper. Letterpress printing is great for formal invitations or stationery, and it’s also a good choice to add an elegant touch when designing blank white presentation folders!


This technique can be used on both paper (card stock) and plastic surfaces such as PET (polyester). It makes the design pop out from the surface because it creates a three-dimensional impression. Embossing is great for adding dimension to the design, and it’s also an economical choice because you can print on just one side of your 6×9 presentation folders blank!


This process leaves a depressed image – no raised surface. It works well with embossed designs as they create different textures when put together. Debossing is a good choice for blank presentation folders cheap, as it helps the design to stand out from the surface and gives more depth to your designs!

Foil Stamping

This process uses heat and pressure to transfer foil onto paper or cardstock with an adhesive backing. It leaves a shiny surface that’s very eye-catching on presentation folders blank!


This process uses heat and pressure to bond a plastic film (laminate) onto paper or card stock. A clear laminate creates a smooth surface that can be decorated with foil stamping, debossing, UV printing or even letterpress! It’s an effective way of protection for your blank presentation folders cheap.

UV Coating

This is a special varnish that creates an attractive, glossy finish on paper or card stock. It’s also strong enough to protect against scratches and can be used in combination with other printing techniques for more depth!

Spot Varnishing

A spot varnish is just one color that you want your design printed in – it’s used to highlight certain parts of the design. It also helps protect your folders, as it covers some surface area that can be scratched or damaged!

UV Coating with Spot Varnishing

This is one of the most advanced options for blank presentation folders because you get both a glossy finish and added protection thanks to spot varnish! You can choose from a variety of colors for your spot varnishing – this makes it an attractive combination with digital printing!

Adhesive Sticker

This process uses heat and pressure to bond self-adhesive stickers onto paper or card stock. You have the option to print on just one side, which is great if you want something simple but effective. You can even add spot varnishing to these stickers for added protection!

Lamination With Spot Varnish

This is another great option that combines the best parts of laminating and spot varnishing. You can use both techniques together for extra strength, which makes your presentation folders blank more durable in any environment or weather conditions!

Foil Stamping With Spot Varnish

This process adds another dimension to your folders by combining foil stamping and spot varnishing. You can choose from various colors for the spot varnishing, which makes it an attractive option when combined with letterpress!

Create Notable And Attention-Grabbing Presentation Folders

There are many options for designing presentation folders, and the best one will depend on what you’re looking to achieve. If you want a classic look with elegant letterpress printing or embossing that adds dimension to your design, then go for it! Alternatively, if you’re after something more contemporary and eye-catching but still durable, try out foil stamping with spot varnishing – this combination is perfect for any environment or weather conditions.

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