Legal Size Hanging File Folders

Benefits Of Customizing Legal Size Hanging File Folders

Legal Size Hanging File Folders are the perfect solution for anyone looking to organize their work. They’re incredibly durable, which is great if you’re always on the go and don’t have time to take care of your belongings like they should be taken care of. 

Legal presentation folders often come with a pen holder, slots for pens and business cards, as well as two pockets for papers; one pocket is open-ended while the other has an elastic band closure. The folder itself opens up to reveal three clear plastic sheets that can be removed at any time so that everything inside remains visible without having to take out all of your materials every single time. 

What’s more, legal presentation folders are lightweight but strong enough that you won’t have anything spilling out or getting damaged when you’re running around for your errands. It’s also great that you can choose from a variety of different colors, so it doesn’t have to be just black if you want something else.

Legal presentation folders are definitely the next step in organizing and will aid anyone looking to take their work seriously or simply keep track of everything they need on the go. 

There are various benefits of customizing your Legal Size Hanging File Folders. Let’s look at some benefits that can help you get a greater market share. 


By customizing the size of the folders, you can create legal size presentation folders that can fit any type of legal sized documents. 

Pockets And Slots

If you customize the folder to have slots and pockets, that would be perfect for your business cards and pens or pencils. This way, you can keep track of them easily. Also, there are various types of pen and pencil holders with this folder available in the market. 

Design And Color

With customization, you can create multiple designs and colors for your Legal Size Hanging File Folders. This will help your customers to identify with the product easily. With various ready-made templates available in the market, this process has become quite simple nowadays. 

Marketing Needs

With the use of the right prints, you can create custom legal-size presentation folders that can help you to market your business in the right way. You can create various shapes and sizes of folders to suit your marketing needs using various templates available.

Unique Designs

Suppose you want to make Legal Size Hanging File Folders that are uniquely designed. In that case, there are various custom folder printing services that help you to create your own unique design and have it printed on folders. 

Many add-ons and finishing coats can help make legal-size folders stand out. You can opt for finishing coats like the matte, glossy, soft-touch or varnish finishing coat.

These finishing coats have different properties; let’s take a look at some of them. Matte finishing coat 

The matte finish gives your design a flat and smooth look. It’s perfect for those who want to give their folders a clean and modern look as well as protect the print from scratches and fading. You can order this as an add-on or as the finishing coat by itself. 

Matte Finishing Coat

This coating has a smooth finish which reduces glare. It makes the surface of your folder less prone to scratches. This coating also protects your folders from dirt and grime.

Glossy Finishing Coat 

The glossy finish has a mirror-like property and reflects light. It’s perfect for those who want to give their folders something extra for a detailed look. This finishing coat can help your folders become the center of attention. 

Soft Touch Finish 

This finish gives your design a soft touch which makes it feel silky smooth. It’s perfect for those who want a luxurious feel for their folders. Furthermore, the soft-touch finishing coat helps increase the grip of the legal folders. 

Vanish Finish 

This is perfect for giving their custom Legal Size Hanging File Folders a complete satin look. It gives the products a matte finish that is perfect for business and personal use. The varnish finish is perfect for making your products stand out among the rest. 

Add-ons like embossing, debossing, spot UV, and custom pockets can help you set your folders apart from other brands. 


This process adds a raised effect to your designs. It can be in the form of lines, shapes or letters. You can order this as an add-on option with your Legal Size Hanging File Folders. 


The debossing gives you a sunken effect on your folders. If you want to give a three-dimensional look to their folders, opt for this option. Furthermore, this option can be used with other options to truly give your legal folders a superb look. 

Spot UV 

This is another process by which you can give your design that extra shine and pop it up from the rest. Best for those who are looking to grab people’s attention instantly, this finishing touch is perfect for the modern business world. 

Custom Pockets 

Give your custom folders an extra edge with customized pockets. This is perfect for those who are looking to give their folders that extra special touch. 

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