Kraft Paper Presentation Folders

What Are Kraft Paper Presentation Folders?

Why Are Customizations Options Important For Kraft Presentation Folders?

What Are Kraft Presentation Folders?

Kraft Paper presentation folders are a wonderful way to organize your documents. However, that is not all. These folders are made using the Kraft packaging material. This material features recyclable material. Thus, it can promote your brand as environmentally conscious. 

There are many Kraft Paper Presentation Folders in the market. The increasing competition has caused brands to assess their design choices carefully. Furthermore, manufacturers have opened their doors to allow their clients to develop new and interesting designs. 

The companies that are making unique statements with their Kraft presentation folders are the ones that are capturing the largest market share. 

The Benefits Of Making Unique And Outstanding Designs

When you incorporate design elements that can stand apart from the market, you communicate that you put thought behind the folders. In contrast, companies that stick with the old, bland-looking designs lose out in the race. 

Incorporating this like custom prints, add-ons, finishing coats, custom pockets, and custom sizes contribute to the design. These features can help you make a personal statement with the folders rather than a document storage tool. 

Using custom prints to decorate the Kraft Folders can be an efficient way to transform the folders into marketing tools. Custom prints can range from the simplest lettering to intricate art pieces that spread across the folders. Custom printed Kraft Paper Presentation Folders can pull the customers from afar.

Using various colors can help you increase branding. Branding constitutes that the brand image is kept consistent throughout the company. That can range from the design of the company office to the colors used to paint the walls and furniture. A company that focuses on branding uses the psychological effect of matching colors. Furthermore, it ensures that all products in their line follow some pattern. That is why single-colored Kraft Paper Presentation Folders can help carry your brand. 


Incorporating various features like embossing, debossing, and custom pockets, to name a few, help endear the customers. These features can help enhance the visual appeal of custom Kraft Paper Presentation Folders. However, that is not all. They can also help add some much-needed functionality to the otherwise simple document storing device. 

All these benefits look to pull customers towards your brand. However, what about more safety and security of the folders. Well, customization options can help in the matter too. By using finishing coats, you can cover the surface of the folders to resist the environmental heat and moisture better. Some finishing coats are specifically made to keep moisture away from the surface of the folders. Thus, increasing their life. 

Imagine walking into a store and looking at rows upon rows of the same-looking folders. Suddenly something shiny catches the corner of your eye. This folder is not like the rest of the options. This folder has engravings and a finishing coat that commands attention. Naturally, your customers will be attracted to this folder. 

That is the power of customization options to create stellar Kraft Paper Presentation Folders, unlike anything your customers have seen before. 

Customization Options For Kraft Presentation Folders

Many customization options can help make brand-exclusive designs. You can go overboard and decide to cover every nook and cranny with something striking. Or you can remain minimalistic and decide that you only want one feature that will stand out and grab the customers’ attention. Whatever the case may be, incorporating customizations into your design can help you make a mark in the market. 

Let’s go through some add-ons to help you make Kraft presentation folders that can truly stand out. 


Add-ons help you make tasteful additions to the Kraft Paper Presentation Folders. These features can help you make endearing folders that can live long in the memories of your clients. Let’s look at some common add-owns. 

Spot UV

Spot UV is similar to the UV coating. However, it is focused on a localized spot. It means that there is more emphasis on the effect at a specific part of the folders. Thus, this add-on can be amazing if you want to make the customers focus on a specific point. Furthermore, spot UV can also help create a protective barrier that keeps away heat and moisture. 


Embossing and debossing are techniques that allow you to raise or sink an image into the folders’ surface, respectively. These add-ons work by compressing the surface using metal or wooden dies. These dies carry the needed design. The result of this add-on looks exceptional and can help you make splendid and classy Kraft Paper presentation folders. 

Custom Pockets

Custom pockets are the way to go if you want to add more functionality to your folders. These pockets can be a powerful tool that increases the storage space of the folders. Using custom shapes and sizes will help you make a personal mark on the design while giving your customers more usability.  

Hot Foiling

Hot foiling is similar to usage as spot UV. This add-on helps attract attention to a specific part of the Kraft Paper Presentation Folders. However, hot foiling can offer more visual appeal. There are no limitations when using this add-on. We use a thin metallic foil to cover the folders. You can even alter the foil, so it produces glossy, matte, or holographic effects. 

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, we have discussed why it is beneficial to alter the design of your Kraft presentation folders. By incorporating various design elements such as add-ons, you can create brand-exclusive designs that can help pull customers from afar. Furthermore, they can even help you convert potential customers. 

Kraft Paper Presentation Folders offer a beautiful combination of document safety while helping better the environment. In your marketing campaigns, you can use these things while giving your customers a product that delivers on these promises. 

iCustomFolders understands the importance of delivering on promises. That is why we use state-of-art manufacturing facilities that allow our team of experts to create Kraft presentation folders that can elevate your brand. Get in touch with our customers’ care representatives to get to know more about our customization options.

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