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Crack The Perfect Deal With Custom Document Folders

No matter how quickly we are moving towards a digital world, we need to keep records in a tangible form. Whether these are official records, academic journals, curriculum or pitching a new idea, you need to keep them safe in the form of handouts. Because you never know when your gadgets start acting weird, and you are lost in the middle of nowhere. Sounds unlikely, but you don’t want to face any such hassle, right? Especially when it comes to important stuff like official or academic records, presentation of an important project or pitching a client your new business idea, what you need is handouts of the important documents. These can be in the form of a4 printed sheets, notes, or flyers that you circulate among your audience. Ok, now, are you going to distribute these documents just like that? A piece of paper being circulated among a bunch of people sitting at the conference table? Of course not! You will need a properly organized way of presenting your important documents before your clients to leave a lasting impression that makes them interested in what you are presenting. 

Document folders are useful pieces of equipment that keep your documents organized and make them look very presentable. When you pass on your documents to the concerned person, he will be impressed by the neat way of presenting them. Also, he will look at the folder and observe the features you highlight on them. So here, you get the golden opportunity to get your product/brand/company noticed by the important clients sitting there. This will increase the probability of your brand recognition and recall by the clients. Now to make it work in your best interest, here are a few things that you need to do. 

Create Custom-Printed Document Folders

Icustom folders provide you with the freedom to create document folders of your choice and design them according to your preferences and needs. You have the options to choose from distinct printing techniques that can cater to your branding and design demands. 

Offset Printing Technique

You need an offset printing technique if you want to create high-resolution images on your document presentation folders. This may take a few days to complete your order as the process is extensive with a prolonged initial setup. To produce for you high-resolution, detailed images, we prepare design plates as per your instructions. These design plates are made of rubber or metal and transfer the design to the cylinder, which further transfers the design on the substrate. With offset printing, it is difficult to incorporate design changes once the plates are prepared. Therefore, you cannot opt for it if you need frequent design changes. Also, it is economically feasible when you want to order printed document folders in bulk. 

Digital Printing Technique

On the other hand, we have the option of digital printing to create for you the designs just as you want. You need to create a digitized image that represents your brand or product or any image that you want. All you need is a gadget or computer with an ink-jet printer. The digitized image is transferred through the computer to the printer, and it prints the image directly on the substrate. It does not require an extensive initial setup. Therefore, it is a quick and speedy process and delivers you prints instantly. Also, it is easy to incorporate design changes frequently because all it requires is editing the image according to design requirements. Also, it is an economically feasible option when you have a small scale order. 

So whether you want detailed images to print on your document presentation folders or, you want quick and different designs to promote your ideas with, icustom Folders has got you covered with its distinct and versatile options. 

Now how about adding some flair into your custom document folders? What if some features on your folder require to be highlighted more than others? We have innovative solutions for that too. Here are some of the amazing additional features that you can apply to your custom document folders to make them look highly appealing and make your brand specifications appear more prominent. 

Add-Ons That Can Make Your Custom Folders Look A Class Apart

We have a variety of add-ons that you can apply to your document folders to highlight your brand logo, title, text and designs. Here are the options that you can use in combination or separately to make it look interesting and attractive:

Embossing And Debossing

These add-ons impart visual as well as textural effects on your document folders. You can make your brand logo or title appear sunken below and raised above the background. Embossing and debossing are done by the same method, however, in opposite directions. To impart a textural effect, the material is pressed between two design plates, making the logo, design patterns or fonts press and appear raised or depressed on the surface of the folder. These look very classy and make your clients notice the details by providing them attractive touchpoints on the folder. 

Spot Uv Treatment

Technique is used to highlight the details and make them pop on the surface of the document presentation folders. Clear fluid is applied to the specified area and is instantly dried by exposing it to uv light. This makes the liquid stick there, giving the area a pop that grasps the clients’ attention and makes them notice the details of your company/brand that you highlight. 

Hot Stamping/Foiling

To give your printed document folders attractive effects with a metallic appearance, you can use hot stamping that is also called foiling. It is done by pressing and heating a piece of foil on the specified features of your print design. You can create a logo, font, design patterns and borders with hot stamping. You can choose from holographic, dyed, and reflective effects in metallic shades to make your print designs more prominent and attention-grabbing. 

Be Confident And Organized With Document Folders

You need to organize your important documents and present them in a well-managed and properly arranged way. To do so, you need the right equipment like document folders. Your handouts will not go missing, and you will be saved from the hassle by choosing the perfect custom document folders by ICustomFolders . You can customize them according to your brand and design requirements and make the details prominent by applying attractive add-ons that grasp the clients’ attention. Feel more confident and present your ideas impressively to your clients with spectacular document presentation folders.

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