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Matching Colors For Enhanced Branding On Your 2 Pocket Presentation Folders

How To Use PMS Color Model For Making Spectacular 2 Pocket Presentation Folders

The four-color model, also known as the CMYK color model, is sometimes linked to making color like mixing different ingredients. If that is true, then the PMS color model is like buying a pre-made meal that you have to heat in the microwave. Sure, you don’t have control over the flavors or different textures. But then again, it isn’t much of a hassle to choose and create the exact shade that you want. 

This article will talk about the different pros and cons of using the PMS color model. Furthermore, we will discuss tools for finding, matching, and identifying the PMS colors to make exceptional 2 pocket presentation folders. 

What Is The Importance Of PMS Color For Making Custom Pocket Folders?

PMS stands for the Pantone Matching System. It is a color model that has over 1800 colors in its spectrum. Although the Pantone cooperation created it, it has become a standard in the printing and ink producing industry worldwide. 

It differentiates itself from the CMYK system by having pre-mixed inks. The CMYK color model mixes cyan, magenta, yellow and black during the printing process. However, when using the PMS color model, inks are ready to be printed well before the printing process begins. Thus, you can ensure that your design is recreated accurately on the custom 2 pocket folders. 

However, when using the PMS inks, it will help to keep in mind that these ink come in two forms. The coated inks are denoted by ‘C,’ and the uncoated inks are denoted by ‘U.’ 

Pros And Cons Of Printing With 2 Pocket Presentation Folders With PMS

Some of the advantages of using PMS are as follows:

  • Cost-effective for covering designs that have less than four shades
  • Spot colors are ideal for single shaded designs
  • Lack of variation gives a consistent look to the custom 2 pocket folders
  • Can be the ideal choice for printing navy blue 2 pocket folders
  • Ability to print unique metallic and neon colors
  • Ideal for color matching with the brand logo
  • Excellent for printing small texts without any blurred lines

Now that we have discussed the positives, let’s look at the negatives of using the PMS color model

  • Costs can increase as more than four colors are used
  • Printing photographs can prove to be difficult

How To Choose The Accurate Shade For Creating 2 Pocket Presentation Folders In Bulk Quantity?

Many tools can help you browse the various options of the PMS colors. These tools come in the form of books, websites, and computer softwares. Let’s look at each of them in brief detail

Pantone Color Book

Even though there are a million online charts that you can look at, seeing the colors through a digital source will almost always result in a skewed perception. This change in perception occurs due to the screen colors not being adjusted to represent the accurate shade of the colors. Thus, using programs like Photoshop, InDesign, or CorelDraw will always leave something wanting. 

To accurately see how the PMS printed colors will look on the custom folders , you should consult the printed version of the PMS color book. The Pantone cooperation has several publications which are edited every year. They add new colors to the spectrum. Thus, this guide can be ideal for eliminating any guesswork involved in selecting any coated or uncoated shades. 

Pantone Color Finder

Pantone’s website offers a search engine that can help you find more information about the color you want to print. Since you’ll be viewing the color through a digital source, your perception of that color will depend on the color correction of the screen. Thus, it might not be a helpful tool to select a specific shade. However, it can you find more in-depth detail about a particular shade. 

Furthermore, you can search for a term and find matching colors that are related to that term. Thus, it can be the ideal option to create blue 2 pocket folders with a slightly lighter or darker shade.

Pantone X-Ref

Suppose you have already picked a specific shade to decorate the custom pocket folders . However, you want to find the metallic/neon ink version of that color. In that case, this tool can help you out. X-Ref allows you to pick a Pantone color in one category and find the closest possible shade option in another category. 

Matching The PMS Colors For Enhanced Branding On Your 2 Pocket Presentation Folders

One of the main advantages of using the PMS color model is the accurate colors it provides. This matching can be done using the eye. However, if you want to invest in matching the PMS colors with your brand colors, it will be helpful to look into a tool known as Capsure. This tool allows you to match the color of any surface with the closest color in the PMS guide.

However, if you are looking to match a virtual color from a website, you might want to use a web tool called ‘Pick Color From Image.’ It would help keep in mind that websites use the RGB color system, so don’t expect to get a perfect match every time. 

Identifying PMS colors in your custom printed designs

When ordering custom printed2 Pocket Presentation Folders for bulk or limited quantity, brands will ask you to provide them with a PMS number for every color you intend to print. Here’s how you can obtain those numbers. 


Go into the ‘swatches’ panel by clicking Windows, followed by Color and then Swatches. The shades will be labeled with their corresponding number. 


Similar to InDesign, go to the ‘swatches’ panel, where you will find each Pantone color labeled with the corresponding number and category.  


Select the color layer and click on the Color Overlay. Clicking the colored square right next to the ‘Blend Mode’ will allow you to see the name and number of the PMS colors. 

The following has been a brief guide into the PMS color model. If you have any more questions regarding it or are curious to know how PMS can make your 2 pocket presentation folders a sight to behold, be sure to contact the team of experts at I Custom Folders.

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