Resume Folder

A Professional Resume Folder For Your Interviews

A Resume Folder is a document holder which holds resumes. Resume folders are typically made of paper or cardstock, and they come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. They hold your resumes, so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost or stuck on the back of the door. 

A resume folder can keep all of your resumes together for quick reference when applying for jobs. It also helps protect them from wear-and-tear that would happen if they were just stacked up somewhere else. Keep reading to find out more!

If you’re someone that loves to be organized, then a resume folder is an excellent choice because it will help keep your resumes neat and easy to find. It’s also great for storage if you have multiple resumes. If you’ve ever misplaced or damaged a resume due to poor organization, then this would be perfect for you, too, because all of the important documents can be kept in one place.    

There are many different types and sizes of resume folder available today, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something that fits your needs. If color is more your style, you can pick some colorful ones that match the personality behind each resume inside. Resume holders come in A5, letter, and even A4 size, so you’re sure to find one that works for you.

Types Of Resume Folders

As stated earlier, there are many types of resume presentation folder. Here are a few of them: 

Pocket Folders 

These types of folders feature pockets in which you can slip each resume in. The benefits to these are that they’re simple and easy to use. However, the downfall is that attendees may not see your best resumes if they’re placed in the back pocket. Nonetheless, they work great for protecting your documents from damage or loss. 

Ring Binders 

These come in a wide variety of colors and designs, so it’s easy to find one that fits your style. They also hold up to 15-20 pages, which is more than most holders. Since you can add or remove separators, these are great for holding resume templates and different resumes for every event you attend. This type of holder is perfect for those who like things simple. They’re cheap and effective; they keep your resumes together without falling out or mishaps happening because of their durable metal clamps. The only downfall would be the ease at which the corners get bent when held under other documents (which may make them look unprofessional).    

Presentation Envelopes

These are a great option if you’re looking for an easy way to clean up your resume. Presentation envelopes are also light and compact, so it’s easy to carry around with you. The only downside is that they don’t allow the presenter or event organizer to easily see your information, which can be a problem if you have multiple resumes inside.    

Benefits Of Customizing Resume Folders

Customizing your resume presentation folder will help create a strong first impression, ensuring that all future employers instantly remember you.

The right folder can make the difference between getting an interview or not! Many companies spend lots of money on making sure their businesses look professional and eye-catching, so it would be wise for job seekers to do the same when preparing resumes. This way, there isn’t any room for confusion or questions about how committed you are to your work during interviews.    

Customizable Folder Features

There are plenty of customizable Resume Folder available today, so finding one shouldn’t be too hard. Here are some different types of adjustable features:

Pop-Out Stand / Holder

This is perfect if you want to show off your resume without having it fold back on itself. They also keep the edges straight, making it easier for employers to make quick judgments about your documents. These are ideal for when attending interviews or events since most have a flat surface that you can place them on. You can also add additional documentation, such as business cards, so that all of your contact information is in one place!     

Branded Tabs

If you’ve recently moved up in career status and have multiple resumes lying around, then getting these may be a smart choice! Just print out each resume onto card stock paper and slide it into the plastic sleeve provided with this product. This ensures that all jobs are easily accessible and doesn’t make your information look messy or cramped.    

Colored Paper

If you want the folder design to represent your work style, this option is best for you! It can be quite expensive, though, so make sure you have plenty of money saved up if you’re considering it. This type of feature will allow employers to see exactly what they’re getting into before hiring and help people looking for internships know which company will be the right fit for their needs. Opt-out on the plastic sleeves to save money since they can add up pretty quickly depending on how many resumes are being presented at once.    

Other Elements To Consider When Choosing Resume Presentation Folders

When shopping around for these types of products, you need to know about a few items that can help your selection process run a little smoother.

Items to think about:

Price Range 

When searching for the right product, you must know how much you are willing to spend. Since resumes presentation folders come in many different shapes and sizes, they can vary greatly as far as cost goes, so it’s important to pick something that fits into your ideal budget range!


These types of products should be able to withstand lots of use, even since most people will only carry out this task once or twice. If spending more money on a folder isn’t an option, get something made from sturdy material so that it can be passed around from person to person without worry.


The next time you’re searching for a Resume Folder, keep these benefits in mind. It’ll help make your search easier and make finding the perfect product even more enjoyable! Hopefully, this article has helped answer any questions about these products. 

If you aren’t sure where to start looking for one of these products, then visit ICustomFolders website. We offer many customization options that can help you endear your customers and offer them an enhanced customer experience. 

Custom Kraft Presentation Folders

What is the Custom Kraft Presentation Folders?

The Importance And Benefits Of Using Kraft Folders

I love Custom Kraft Presentation Folders. They’re the most reliable and durable type of folder I’ve ever used. And that’s why I’m writing this blog post to tell you how they work, what their advantages are, and where to find them for sale. After all, everyone needs a good set of folders! 

I’ll start with the basics: What is a Kraft Folders ? It’s just like any other file folder except it’s made out of Kraft paper instead of manila or colored card stock. The “Kraft” part comes from its origins in Germany as “Karton“, which meant cardboard made by pressing the wood pulp through thin sheets of cloth soaked in resin (usually pine). This process gave the finished product an attractive brown color.

Kraft Paper

Today, Custom Kraft Presentation Folders is made from a combination of recycled fibers and new materials. The final product can vary in shade from light brown to dark brown. It’s the color similar to Kraft, but different depending on what kind of wood it came from and how much resin was used.

The lighter shades are usually used for commercial letterheads or printing paper. That needs to be whiter than the standard brown Kraft. A typical example would be white paper interleaf sheets that go into manila file folders. As they need something more durable than plain white typing stock. They’re also often bleached or “brightened” using hydrogen peroxide, making them extremely white with a very smooth and glossy finish. The smoother and glossy the paper, the less ink you can get printed on it without showing through or smudging when handled.

Consideration For Printing On Kraft Folders

That’s why commercial printers like brighter white folders for letterheads because they look sharp with a lot of small print. They’re also good for other printing jobs that need a smooth surface since. No matter how much ink is printed on them, they won’t show up as easily as printing on standard brown Kraft folders.

This is what makes lighter shades of Custom Kraft Presentation Folders so popular in graphic design, to begin with. Designers know that even if a little bit of their work shows through from an offset printer behind it. It’s going to match seamlessly with all the other colors that are printed on the sheet.

Of course, if you’re printing single-sided flyers or handouts to be handed out at a school event or business conference. Lighter-colored folders won’t work quite as well because they’ll show raised ink from laser printers. If you want to choose this kind of paper for your next print job. Make sure to tell the printer ahead of time so they can make adjustments accordingly. However, it can still look very pretty when paired with matching color palettes in your designs!

Benefits Of Custom Printed Kraft Folders

Custom printed Kraft paper presentation folders can also be used to make a simple yet brilliant promotional tool for marketing new products and services. Even if all you have is a sample of your product in an envelope. The presentation folder can add some credibility to it when giving it to potential clients.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that plain paper presentation Kraft folders aren’t just as good! They’re just as popular with graphic designers and commercial printers. Especially since they can match pretty much any color scheme or theme you choose. Custom Kraft Presentation Folders come in both letter and legal sizes. Making them useful in offices worldwide and in my own office at home!

Some people prefer colored Kraft paper folders because of the way they look. Others like to use folders with different textures and patterns, such as this one which is made of linen paper.

Customization Options For Kraft Folders

Kraft folders can also come with pockets. However, it’s more common to use them without the pocket. Because they look better and give you a larger workspace for letter-sized sheets.

The nice thing about having a pocket is that it adds structure to your folder. Which can come in handy if you’re putting brochures or a lot of folded-up papers inside. Meeting presentations, reports, and proposals are all going to be stronger on Kraft pocket folders. Because their sharp edges will sit neatly on the table as opposed to shifting around every time somebody opens or closes the folder!

Many more customization options can make your Custom Kraft Presentation Folders stand out. These customizations give you the chance to add your logo and/or color scheme in a way that will make it identifiable at first glance.

Some customizations that can help highlight the brand logos are die-cutting (cutting your logo into the paper itself), hot stamping (stamping it on with heated metal), debossing (creating an impression of it into the paper), full-color printing, and fabric or foil blocking.

Printing on Kraft folders can be done in most commercial printers. However, if possible, we recommend going to an offset printer because they’re more experienced with printing on dark paper like Kraft and can give better results.

To Conclude

Colored Kraft paper folders and presentation folders with pockets are more than just recyclable and cost-efficient. They’re also extremely sturdy and versatile, making Kraft one of the best papers on the market for all kinds of print jobs, be it on commercial printers or as a promotional tool at home!

When you need to make an impression (and not waste money doing it), choosing the right printing materials is important. Some people make their first choice based on price alone without giving much thought to the quality… but those who’ve been in business for years know that cheap is expensive in the long run because you’ll have to reprint your designs over and over again if they smudge or tear after a few uses! 

ICustomFolders creates exceptional quality Custom Kraft Presentation Folders that can help endear the customers and take your business to the next level. 

Presentation Folders with Clear Covers

What Do Presentation Folders with Clear Covers Offer?

Presentation Folders with Clear Covers Can Help Ease Your Presenting Concerns

Do you know what’s worse than seeing your Presentation Folders with Clear Covers having clear covers with dog-eared corners, coffee stains, and inkblots? Seeing someone else’s. 

Presentation folders are used for one thing: to make sure the presenter has everything they need in order to give their speech or pitch. And if it can’t do that, then there’s no reason for it to exist. 

That means the presentation folder needs to be sturdy enough. That you don’t have to worry about anything happening to it while you’re out on the road. Furthermore, they also have to be light enough so that you can fit all of your materials inside without needing a suitcase just for your folder. 

To help keep things organized, many people prefer clear covers so they can see what is inside at a glance. They won’t have to rummage through the whole thing. 

Having a presentation folder with clear covers is practically a must. If you are giving speeches or pitches on an ongoing basis. Because it can also save you time when it comes to preparing for these presentations. 

The last thing you want to do before heading out for your speech is spend hours trying to organize everything. You need to carry with you so that you can quickly find what you are looking for when it comes time to give your speech. 

The Benefits of Using Presentation Folders with Inserts

This is especially true if the Presentation Folders with Clear Covers has enough pockets inside. Giving you more storage space for things like flash drives, pens, notepads, and other supplies that will help make your presentation go smoothly.

Presentation folders with custom pockets will give you more options for how you store your materials. But even having a few extra pockets can be beneficial. 

For example, if you are giving a speech about investing in the stock market or starting your own business. Having several different notes pads available will let your audience know. That you’re willing to answer any questions they may have once you’re done speaking. 

On the other hand, having a pen and notepad within reach will give your audience peace of mind as they know they can jot down any notes about your speech as soon as you’re finished with it. 

The last thing you want for your audience is to leave feeling like they missed out on something because they didn’t write it down when you were talking about it. 

Writing down important details is vital if your topic is on a particularly complicated or technical subject. The details will be hard to remember once the presentation is over.

However, custom pockets aren’t the only thing to help you and your presentation folders stand out. You can also use custom inserts.

Presentation Folders with Clear Covers are great because they can be used for just about anything. Still, one of the most popular uses is to include a contact card so that your audience knows how to follow up with you or how to stay in touch after the speech. 

Inserts are also great if you want to highlight any awards or recognition that may help put your presentation over the top or give your audience a visual aid that makes it easier for them to understand what you are talking about. 

Other Customizations You Can Add to Your Design

Some other customizations can include decorating your presentation folders with clear covers. Using your company logo or including a custom-made bookmark that matches the color of your presentation folders. 

Of course, if you want to go all-out with your presentation folders clear covers customization. Then consider having them laminated so they can be written on. 

This is especially true if you plan to use them like a notepad where you can quickly jot down anything that might be useful. 

Just make sure that you don’t use a pencil. While writing on the presentation folder because it can easily rub off and ruin your custom customization.

You can even design folders with embossed and debossed brand logos. These features will help you differentiate between your custom folders and just generic presentation folders.

Having a unique brand logo is important if you want people to remember who gave them your presentation folder. 

Whether you make this logo yourself or have it professionally designed. The last thing you want is for someone to mistake your Presentation Folders with Clear Covers as being from another company. Because the logo looks too similar to that of a competitor.

At this point, the only thing left to do is figure out how you want to customize your presentation folders’ clear covers. and whether or not you want to add custom inserts or not. 

From there, you can finally start putting your presentation together, ready for when it’s time to give your speech. 

There are no limits to customizing your presentation folders to help ensure that you have everything you need when it’s time for the speech. And in the process, you can create something that will guide your audience and help them remember your speech.

I Custom Folders Has Your Back

Whether you are looking for custom Presentation Folders for personal or business use, turn to the experts at I Custom Folders.

Stop searching for Remax presentation folders and look at our beautiful templates. You can add or remove any features that don’t align with your brand image. Furthermore, you can add your logo, choose from our exotic materials and make a presentation folder that is perfect for you.

Make an impact on your future clients by supplying them with the best promotional tool. Their worth will be visible in minutes when they receive your customized presentation folders. Don’t waste any time looking somewhere else. Take advantage of ICustomFolders and see how we can help you.

iCustom Folders is dedicated to providing beautiful presentation folders to help you succeed in your future endeavors. Whether you want to take your business to the next level or show off your resume, we have everything you need and more!

Custom Size Legal Folder

Are You Looking for A Custom Size Legal Folder?

Do you have a client that produces large amounts of paperwork, so much so that your filing cabinet is overflowing? Do they have documents in other places as well? If this sounds like your situation, then it’s time to get yourself some legal-size presentation folders. Customized folder means the sizes are made specifically for them and their needs. This can be done by measuring out how many papers will fit into one folder. Or if they need more than one file, the person filling out the form will measure how many pages there are per file. The measurements do not include any extra space added to account for tab labels or additional paper clips. There are also options where people can order both standard sized and customized folders. Customizing is a great way to go if you have a lot of clients that might need these types of folders. In the future because you can just have them reprinted without needing another form filled out each time.

The Custom Size Legal Folder were invented by an ABA committee back in 1886 and called “The National Standard Guard File”. The ABA states, “This committee is concerned with the standardization of paper sizes so as to facilitate filing.”  In 1905 it was established as one standard for both commercial and legal filing systems, which it still is today!  

There are many different styles you can get when it comes to customizing your legal size presentation folders. But having the tab-cut put on your customized folders is a must. This is how you can file each custom folder in the tabbed filing system. If you’ve never used a tabbed filing system. It is a great way to go because instead of folders being able to slide around on top of one another and shifting. They have an assigned place where they belong so there’s always going to be organization! When you get customized legal-size folders with tabs that’s even easier. Because all your client has to do is pull out that folder from their designated. Spot and simply flip from label A-Z instead of trying to shuffle through everything for their specific label. 

  1. One type of folder is the “pocket” folder, this is a small-sized folder with elastic to hold it shut. And often times includes a tab slot for your name or measurements on the left side. It’s ideal for lightweight paperwork and storage. You can also get a legal size 2 pocket presentation folder as per your requirements.
  2. Another type is the “folio” folder, this is best for heavy documents. Because it has thicker sides to prevent bending and comes with an elastic closure as well as tab slots on the right side. 
  3. The last type is known as “file” folders, these are made of cardboard and come with tab slot tabs that are labelled alphabetically to help you locate any given tab. Size hanging file folders are also an option if that suits your needs.

One of the purposes for file folders is to store or house small pieces of papers such as letters, memos, and notes. These types of documents are used for filing and sorting paperwork at home and in workplaces. 

Folders To Cater for A Large Number of Papers and Clients

Another purpose for printed Custom Size Legal Folder is to store large number of pages that needs to be filed together into a single document and then the file folder organizes and holds them in place while easy to find when needed. For instance, some companies require employees to submit copies of their licenses so they can obtain official state id’s. Another example would be if you had documents from different sources such as your child’s school or sports league so it provides a safe storage location for all these records.

Customizing Custom Size Legal Folder is done when someone needs a different size than what’s in the shop. This is typically for people who need more than one folder and want to minimize the extra space left over in between the tabs. The measurements do not include any extra space added to account for tab labels or additional paper clips. Customization is a great way to go if you have a lot of clients that might need these types of legal-size presentation folders in the future because you can just have them reprinted without needing another form filled out each time.

The Custom size printing and branding are a great option if you have clients that need these in the future because you can just reprint them when they’re needed instead of filling out any forms.

Custom printing and branding are a great idea for Custom Size Legal Folder files if you have clients that will need these types of printed legal size presentation folders in the future. This is because rather than filling out a form each time, you can simply reprint them when they’re needed. 

Customized legal size hanging file folders are a great idea for future clients. This is because you can simply reprint them when they’re needed instead of filling out any forms. Custom printing and branding give your business a professional look while keeping everything organized in the office or at home with these filing systems, which makes it easier to find what you need without having to shuffle through piles of papers on your desk.

Organization Is Key to Running a Successful Business

Custom Size Legal Folder are the most efficient way to keep everything organized in both home and professional settings. If you’re constantly shuffling through stacks of papers on your desk searching for one specific piece of paper. It’s time to invest in legal size files so that they can be easily found when needed. It doesn’t matter if you have about 10 different clients or 100+ clients. They come in customized options so you can simply reprint them for future clients rather than filling out any forms every time you need a new set. Custom printing and branding give your company a professional look straight from the start. And keeps everything easy to find with these handy filing systems. While keeping your office looking organized while making it easier to access at home with these folders, which makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

No matter how many clients your business has, legal size 2 pocket presentation folders can be easily customized. And reprinted whenever needed by simply filling out a form instead of having to put together a new set each time you need one. Custom printing and branding give your company a professional look straight from the start. While making sure everything is easy to find with these filing systems. ICustomFolders can manufacture file folders for you to keep your office looking organized. Also, while making it easier to dig through paper piles on your desk at home which makes it easier to locate whatever you need without hassle. 

Tax Return Presentation Folders

Benefits Of Tax Return Presentation Folders

Tax Return Presentation Folders can be a daunting and time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of tax presentation folders, you’ll save hours on your filing process because these organizers are customized for your needs. Tax presentation folders offer many benefits when compared to other organizer options such as binders or manila folders. In this post, we will explore 8 reasons why you should use tax presentation folders for your taxes this year!

Purpose Of Using Tax Folders:

  1. Help keep tax information organized
  2. Come with customized pockets to hold specific types of paperwork 
  3. Offer protection for your documents 
  4. They are made from durable materials that protect the contents inside them 
  5. Modern tax presentation folders have a sleek design that’s easy to store 
  6. They come with extra pockets, so you can add more items as needed.
  7. Saves time and money by organizing important information in one place 
  8. It helps prevent loss of paperwork due to misplacing or damage from spills etc. 

Tax presentation folders have been around for a long time. They are used to store tax documents and information from the IRS, state government agencies, and more. These folders come with clear pockets that can be customized to hold certain types of paperwork. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the benefits of using tax folders so you can see why they’re an important item in your office supply closet!

Benefits Of Using Tax Presentation Folders

They Protect Important Documents

One of the first benefits is that Tax Folders protect important documents. 

The clear pockets allow you to see what’s inside, but they also keep your papers safe from dirt and damage, like water or food spills. They are sturdy enough to be stored in a filing cabinet, so everything stays together nicely!

Tax Folders Can Be Customized

Tax Return Presentation Folders are customizable. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and textures, making them perfect for any office or filing cabinet! The color options make it easy to find the right folder for your needs. While also coming in fun bold colors like pink and blue that add some personality to your workspace.

Tax Return Presentation Folders Affordable

Tax folders are very cost-effective. They’re typically priced between $0.01 and $0.50 each, making them a great option for budget-conscious offices! You can create custom color labels that match your tax presentation folder’s design. And personalize the outside, so anyone who sees it knows you have important tax documents inside.

Tax Folders Come with A Label Protector

The outside of your folder can be as customized as you want! The presentation folders we offer have a clear label protector that protects the design from smudges and spills. In addition, it has rounded corners for easy labeling. So everyone knows exactly where to put everything back when they’re done.

 Income Tax Folders Come in A Variety of Sizes

Tax Return Presentation Folders aren’t just one size fits all! There are several different sizes to choose from, depending on your needs. The smaller ones can hold up to 20 documents. While larger options up to 100 sheets which makes them perfect for holding everything you need when filing taxes!

They Create an Organized Filing System   

When you use tax return presentation folders, it creates a more organized filing system. You can put all of your business’s income and expenses in one folder. So they are easier to file when the time comes! Using different colored labels for each category will make it easy to find. What you’re looking for when tax filing season rolls around.

They Come in A Refillable Option

Tax return presentation folders are available in both single and refill options. So you can have more on hand whenever your supply is running low! The refills are offered at the same cost-effective price point. Making them perfect for keeping on hand or even upgrading your current filing system.

They Are an Important Office Supply

Finally, income tax folders are considered “shelving essentials” because they help you store and file everything. That is necessary for your business! Tax season can be daunting, so having the right supplies on hand will make it much easier to complete all of your tasks on time.

The Final Benefit Is Customization Options Make Them Versatile

You can create custom color labels that match your Tax Return Presentation folder’s design. And personalize the outside, so anyone who sees it knows you have important tax documents inside! The label protector on the outside comes with rounded corners, making labeling easy. You are also able to choose from different sizes

They’re Great Organizational Tools

Another benefit is that tax custom size folders are great organizational tools. You can create custom color labels that match your tax presentation folder’s design and personalize the outside. So anyone who sees it knows you have important tax documents inside! Income tax folders provide an easy way for you to stay organized! 

Tax Presentation Folders Are A Great Way To Stay Organized And Make Filing Taxes Easier 

With so many options for customization, they’re the perfect organizational tool! You can create custom color labels that match your Tax Return Presentation folder’s design and personalize the outside, so anyone who sees it knows you have important tax documents inside! You are also able to choose from different sizes. Tax return presentation folders are typically priced very affordably, making them perfect for businesses of all sizes. They provide an easy way for you to stay organized! The label protector on the outside comes with rounded corners, making labeling easy. You are also able to choose from different sizes.  They are versatile! The final benefit is customization options make them versatile. You can create custom color labels that match your tax presentation folder’s design and personalize the outside so anyone who sees it knows you have important tax documents inside! 

What Are Some Types Of Custom Certificate Folders?

What Are Some Types Of Custom Certificate Folders?

How to customize different types of Custom Certificate Folders?

Custom Certificate Folders are a great way to present certificates and diplomas at business functions, graduations, weddings, and other celebrations. The folder is a 3-ring binder with a slot on one side for a diploma or certificate to fit in. Some of these folders have the page protector on the inside and front and back pockets for adding additional items.

They can also be used to protect certificates and diplomas in general. The cover is essential because it contains the most text and graphics, so you want to ensure that the design will help your items stand out. The front of the folder generally has a large imprint area for text and/or graphics, depending on your choice. Smaller imprints that match the style of this folder may also be added to the spine or back.

What Are Some Types Of Custom Certificate Folders?

There are two main types of custom size folders: the ‘Type A’ and the ‘Type B.’ Type A is more traditional, and it includes an inside sleeve for your award certificates. On the other hand, Type B has no Sleeve but is lined with velvet or suede on the inside, which creates a nice visual effect. 

Type A

The traditional Type A Folder can store multiple awards and certificates. It also has two flaps on the inside where you can insert additional content, like brochures or CDs. You can either go for full color (inkjet/laser) printing or 1-Colour (letterpress, foil stamp, etc.). The available materials are gloss paper stock, matte paper stock, PVC leather, and PU faux leather. Coated paper stocks are also available upon request at an additional cost. Please contact us if you wish to use different materials than listed here. Usually, the dimensions of this folder are 215x310mm (8 5/16 x 12 3/8 inches). If you want to combine your certificate with other contents, consider using a combination folder.

Type B

The versatile Type-B Folder comes in two options: the standard version and the Deluxe Version. The Standard Folder is made from suede on the inside, while the Deluxe comes with velvet inside lining, which creates a premium effect when you open it up. Both models have the main pocket to store your award certificates but no additional flaps or sleeves where you can insert extra flyers or brochures. These folders come in three different sizes: A5 (148x210mm), A4 (210x297mm), and A3 (297x420mm). 

The main difference between Type A and Type B folders is that you can display awards and certificates of different sizes in this model. There’s no need to frame all certificates at once because you can slip them into one of 9 pockets (7 regular ones and two larger ones). 

*Foil Stamping and Embossing need additional working days for production. If you chose Foil Stamping & Embossing, please contact us first before placing your order.

How to customize the presentation folders?

Customizing a Custom Certificate Folders is a crucial decision that needs to be made. A few items should be considered before putting together a final design. The type of certificate, the design, and the size of the frame will all affect how it looks. A certificate can be framed in either a vertical or horizontal format.

To make the best decision about what to do, one must consider how often they will be presenting their certificate. If you are going to present it every day, you should find something durable and strong enough to withstand frequent use. If you’re not sure how many times you’ll present your certificate, then another option would be for someone to choose something more collapsible and less permanent.

The next thing to consider is how formal a presentation you want. If this will be a very eloquent presentation, a French-style mat would make for a more elegant look. If you are going to make several presentations simultaneously, you should choose something that allows for multiple certificates to stand side by side.

More about Presentation folders

When using an expensive frame, it’s best not to use one that can’t accommodate numerous certifications because it may get broken during transport or when someone bumps into it. You could always buy replacement certificate holders if necessary.

The most significant factor in determining what type of Custom Certificate Folders you should use is the size of your certificate and the design on it. Some plans are incredibly intricate and detailed, making them susceptible to being bumped or mishandled. In this case, then maybe a collapsible holder would be most prudent for you to use. This way, you can always have it looking excellent and pristine. A certificate is usually something that will last a very long time and represents an achievement of some kind; therefore, you should put as much effort into making your presentation folder as gorgeous as possible.

I Custom Folders is the name to trust when you plan to create the best Custom Certificate Folders for your business or personal use. You have the freedom to design custom folders with the color of your choice. Call us today to know more about our services or place an order for certificate folders in bulk! 

Kraft Paper Presentation Folders

What Are Kraft Paper Presentation Folders?

Why Are Customizations Options Important For Kraft Presentation Folders?

What Are Kraft Presentation Folders?

Kraft Paper presentation folders are a wonderful way to organize your documents. However, that is not all. These folders are made using the Kraft packaging material. This material features recyclable material. Thus, it can promote your brand as environmentally conscious. 

There are many Kraft Paper Presentation Folders in the market. The increasing competition has caused brands to assess their design choices carefully. Furthermore, manufacturers have opened their doors to allow their clients to develop new and interesting designs. 

The companies that are making unique statements with their Kraft presentation folders are the ones that are capturing the largest market share. 

The Benefits Of Making Unique And Outstanding Designs

When you incorporate design elements that can stand apart from the market, you communicate that you put thought behind the folders. In contrast, companies that stick with the old, bland-looking designs lose out in the race. 

Incorporating this like custom prints, add-ons, finishing coats, custom pockets, and custom sizes contribute to the design. These features can help you make a personal statement with the folders rather than a document storage tool. 

Using custom prints to decorate the Kraft Folders can be an efficient way to transform the folders into marketing tools. Custom prints can range from the simplest lettering to intricate art pieces that spread across the folders. Custom printed Kraft Paper Presentation Folders can pull the customers from afar.

Using various colors can help you increase branding. Branding constitutes that the brand image is kept consistent throughout the company. That can range from the design of the company office to the colors used to paint the walls and furniture. A company that focuses on branding uses the psychological effect of matching colors. Furthermore, it ensures that all products in their line follow some pattern. That is why single-colored Kraft Paper Presentation Folders can help carry your brand. 


Incorporating various features like embossing, debossing, and custom pockets, to name a few, help endear the customers. These features can help enhance the visual appeal of custom Kraft Paper Presentation Folders. However, that is not all. They can also help add some much-needed functionality to the otherwise simple document storing device. 

All these benefits look to pull customers towards your brand. However, what about more safety and security of the folders. Well, customization options can help in the matter too. By using finishing coats, you can cover the surface of the folders to resist the environmental heat and moisture better. Some finishing coats are specifically made to keep moisture away from the surface of the folders. Thus, increasing their life. 

Imagine walking into a store and looking at rows upon rows of the same-looking folders. Suddenly something shiny catches the corner of your eye. This folder is not like the rest of the options. This folder has engravings and a finishing coat that commands attention. Naturally, your customers will be attracted to this folder. 

That is the power of customization options to create stellar Kraft Paper Presentation Folders, unlike anything your customers have seen before. 

Customization Options For Kraft Presentation Folders

Many customization options can help make brand-exclusive designs. You can go overboard and decide to cover every nook and cranny with something striking. Or you can remain minimalistic and decide that you only want one feature that will stand out and grab the customers’ attention. Whatever the case may be, incorporating customizations into your design can help you make a mark in the market. 

Let’s go through some add-ons to help you make Kraft presentation folders that can truly stand out. 


Add-ons help you make tasteful additions to the Kraft Paper Presentation Folders. These features can help you make endearing folders that can live long in the memories of your clients. Let’s look at some common add-owns. 

Spot UV

Spot UV is similar to the UV coating. However, it is focused on a localized spot. It means that there is more emphasis on the effect at a specific part of the folders. Thus, this add-on can be amazing if you want to make the customers focus on a specific point. Furthermore, spot UV can also help create a protective barrier that keeps away heat and moisture. 


Embossing and debossing are techniques that allow you to raise or sink an image into the folders’ surface, respectively. These add-ons work by compressing the surface using metal or wooden dies. These dies carry the needed design. The result of this add-on looks exceptional and can help you make splendid and classy Kraft Paper presentation folders. 

Custom Pockets

Custom pockets are the way to go if you want to add more functionality to your folders. These pockets can be a powerful tool that increases the storage space of the folders. Using custom shapes and sizes will help you make a personal mark on the design while giving your customers more usability.  

Hot Foiling

Hot foiling is similar to usage as spot UV. This add-on helps attract attention to a specific part of the Kraft Paper Presentation Folders. However, hot foiling can offer more visual appeal. There are no limitations when using this add-on. We use a thin metallic foil to cover the folders. You can even alter the foil, so it produces glossy, matte, or holographic effects. 

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, we have discussed why it is beneficial to alter the design of your Kraft presentation folders. By incorporating various design elements such as add-ons, you can create brand-exclusive designs that can help pull customers from afar. Furthermore, they can even help you convert potential customers. 

Kraft Paper Presentation Folders offer a beautiful combination of document safety while helping better the environment. In your marketing campaigns, you can use these things while giving your customers a product that delivers on these promises. 

iCustomFolders understands the importance of delivering on promises. That is why we use state-of-art manufacturing facilities that allow our team of experts to create Kraft presentation folders that can elevate your brand. Get in touch with our customers’ care representatives to get to know more about our customization options.

Kraft Paper Presentation Folders

How Kraft Paper Presentation Folders Help You

When it comes to Kraft Paper Presentation Folders, there is no such thing as “standard.” You might not think that they make a difference in the way you present your work, but you would be wrong. Custom paper presentation folders can help you stand out from the crowd and make an impression on anyone who sees them. This blog post will cover all of the ins and outs of customizing your own paper presentation folder so that you are always ahead of the game when presenting!

Finding the right paper presentation folder for your business is an important decision. They are a representation of who you are and what you stand for. Custom paper presentation folders can help you stand out from the crowd because they have your company’s logo on them. This blog post will explain why custom paper presentation folders are so important to businesses and help increase sales by boosting brand recognition!

Custom Paper Presentation Folders Are A Great Way To Stand Out From The Crowd

As you know, there are many people who use these folders every day. They are used for presentations, conferences, and meetings – all around the world! These folders can be customized to your specific needs with different designs, colors, styles of print on them, and more. But why do these make you stand out?

It Is Important That They Give Off A Professional Vibe Because This Will Help You Get Ahead In Business. 

You want to look like someone who is successful so that others will also want to work with or hire you. If you have custom paper presentation folders then it is clear that quality matters to you because most companies don’t spend money on a new set of folders every time they need to make a presentation or attend an important meeting.

Custom Paper Presentation Folders Can Be Used In Your Office As Well As At Events. 

They are a must-have for any business. Check them out! Use custom Kraft Paper Folders to get ahead in your career and impress your boss with the best quality you have on hand at all times. You never know when an important meeting or conference will happen, so it is always good to be prepared. 

Custom Paper Presentation Folders – Important For Any Business! 

Why should you use Kraft Paper Presentation Folders? They are important because they will help you get ahead in the professional world and impress others with their quality, design, and function. You never know when an important meeting or conference will happen, so you must be prepared for everything. Custom paper folders are a great way to demonstrate your business and help others understand what makes it successful.

There Are Different Ways To Customize Paper Presentation Folders.

A good way to stand out from the crowd is using custom folders that match your company logo or brand. The most popular color for paper folders is white since it doesn’t show wear and tear as easily. 

White isn’t a very creative choice, so if you want to create a simple, clean design, look for colored folders.

Custom Kraft Paper Presentation Folders are an easy way to make sure your materials stand out from the crowd. You can choose which colors you want to use and even have them printed with your logo or brand name on it! The most popular color is white since it doesn’t show wear as easily. 

Choosing A Material For Crafting Paper Presentation Folders Is Important.

Choose a material that fits your needs and budget:

-Cardstock paper gives the folders more structure, but they may be too thick for some printers to cut through, while 100-pound cover weight is great for folding since it’s thinner and easier to work with. 

-You might also consider choosing recycled materials or biodegradable paper to make a positive environmental impact. 

-Kraft material is a great choice for folders that you want to look worn and vintage.

There are so many different materials available to use when crafting paper folders! Many companies will also purchase bulk amounts of folders, so ask your provider about discounts for large orders that you can use again in the future!

The price is an important factor when choosing kraft paper presentation folders. It’s good to have a budget and stick with it even if more expensive folders tempt you. Choose a material that fits your needs and budget so you don’t waste money on something you won’t use often or at all. 

Designing And Printing On Paper Presentation Folders Is Easy

-Choose your paper, font, and ink colors. 

-Make sure you coordinate what goes on the folder with what type of printer is at your business or event space if you plan to print yourself. 

-A good way to stand out from the crowd is using custom paper folders that match your company logo or brand name. 

-Ask your provider for proof or template to help with the design as well as information about their printing process and costs.

Designing and printing on custom Kraft Paper Presentation Folders are easy! Make sure you coordinate what goes on the folder with what type of printer you plan to print yourself at your business or event space. A good way to stand out from the crowd is using custom folders that match your company logo or brand name. 

Choosing paper, font color, and ink colors are some of the first steps in designing on kraft paper presentation folder! It’s important to make sure you coordinate what goes on the folder with what type of printer is at your business or event space if you plan to print yourself. A good way to stand out from the crowd is using custom folders that match your company logo or brand name. Ask your provider for proof or template to help with the design and information about their printing process and costs.

Adding Artistic Effects To Paper Presentation Folders Is Possible. 

  • Using metallic or shimmery inks can make your folders stand out from the rest, but you’ll need to look for a provider who uses high-quality printers and materials since cheaper ones may not hold up as well. 
  • Fancy finishing options like foil stamping and embossing will also change how your folders look.
  • Foil stamping can give the impression of metal and is typically done with gold, silver, or rose gold options, while embossing adds texture to your design. 
  • Debossing or pressing your design into the folder can also make a simple design look fancy.
  • Choose folders with an interesting texture like linen paper to really stand out from other vendors at events! 
  • Spot uv coating is used for adding a glossy shine to your design, while matte coating gives the folders a more professional look.
  • The type of paper you use also affects how textiles appear when printed on the – 100 pound cover weight is great for folding since it’s thinner and easier to work with, or cardstock which increases the stiffness and durability of the folders.
  • You might want to talk with your provider about which finishing options are available if you’re not sure what will work best for your business yet. 
  • You can also ask about customizing the process to make it work with your budget and needs.
  • Die-cutting, or cutting out a design from the paper, is another possible embellishment.
  • You can choose to have windows cut into your folders so you can see what’s inside through the front and back at once. 

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the way to go if you want to add artistic effects like metallic or shimmery inks, embossing, and debossing. This process uses little ink so it doesn’t make your Kraft Paper Presentation Folders heavy, but be aware that these embellishments can affect how many pieces of paper fit inside! It’s also important to look for a provider who uses high-quality printers and materials since cheaper ones may not hold up as well. Folding, die-cutting, or debossing are also great ways to make your design look fancy! Talk with your provider about which finishing options are available if you’re not sure what will work best for your business yet. You can ask them about customizing the process as well to make it work with your budget and needs. Be aware that not all folders will be able to hold these types of embellishments, so ask about this before you choose a design!

Offset Printing

Offset printing is most popular because it’s the cheapest way to print, but you’ll need a larger minimum order since your design can’t fit on one sheet of paper. It also uses more ink than digital printing, so your folders will be heavier and may not hold up as well over time with frequent use. Plus, this process requires bleeds which are extra cuts into your design that extend all the way to the edge of a piece of paper. This is used for offset printing since it allows you to print on multiple sheets and put them together before folding, but if you want pockets or windows cut into your folders, this can make those features impossible with bleeds in place!

Make Your Business Go Places By Using Customized Paper Presentation Folders

Paper presentation folders are like the suit of armor for your marketing strategy, but you need to choose wisely. If you want something with texture, opt for linen paper; if you want a shine without adding weight, spot uv coating is an option; and matte coating will give your folders a more professional appearance. You’ll also want to consider what kind of embellishments work best for your business – foil stamping or embossing may be too intricate, while die-cutting might not work well with bleeds on some designs. It’s important to find out which options are available before choosing, so you’re sure to get the look you want. You can also ask about customizing your design or finishing options to make it work with your budget and needs. Get in touch with IcustomFolders and get the best Kraft Paper Presentation Folders to represent your company and stay organized. 

blank presentation folder

Consider while picking a blank presentation folder?

Customize Epic Presentation Folders For The Perfect Business Image

Are you looking for blank presentation folders to give an impression of professionalism? If yes, then this blog post will help you find the perfect presentation folder! There are many different types of presentation folders out there. But before making a decision on which one is best for your needs, read through this blog post. It will help you learn how to choose between all the options.

There are many different types of presentation folders. For example, business card cases, plastic pockets, and document holders! But the most common type is a blank presentation folder with a customized cover and spine color to match your company branding colors. The inside pages can be made from paper or recycled material such as PET (plastic) for durability to protect the files inside. In addition, there are other features such as a business card holder and additional storage space for cards or CD/DVDs!

What to consider while picking a blank presentation folder?

When designing your blank presentation folders you might want to consider the following questions:

-What’s the purpose of your blank white presentation folder? Is it for sales, office use or to transport documents?

-Does the design go along with what your company is trying to present in its branding image?

-How important are aesthetics? Do you need a durable enclosure that can protect files through many years of use?

-Is it necessary to have additional storage space for cards or CD/DVDs? If so, how much should be provided, and what size should it be (about an inch wide and 0.5 inches long)?

Now, here is how you can customize your presentation folders. 

Printing Techniques To Design Presentation Folders

Digital Printing

This is an economical option. It can provide high-quality graphics and pictures with accurate color reproduction, but the design has to be simple (not too many details). Digital prints are also good for photos that match your company branding colors. Your file should also be free of blemishes or lines – these will show up in the blank presentation folder that are cheap. In addition, it’s easy to print different colors on one page with digital printing!

Offset Printing

This is a more expensive option that provides an excellent quality result and can accurately reproduce full-color images from your file. It also offers the ability to use spot colors for certain parts of the design, so they don’t print in the same color as the rest of your order. This is a great choice for complex designs with many colors and details in the design. Offset printing uses less ink, which makes 6×9 pocket folders that are blank, environmentally friendly too!

More Customization Techniques For Blank Presentation Folders

Letterpress Printing

It’s a classic technique that offers an embossed effect on paper or card stock because raised surfaces are pressed into the paper. Letterpress printing is great for formal invitations or stationery, and it’s also a good choice to add an elegant touch when designing blank white presentation folders!


This technique can be used on both paper (card stock) and plastic surfaces such as PET (polyester). It makes the design pop out from the surface because it creates a three-dimensional impression. Embossing is great for adding dimension to the design, and it’s also an economical choice because you can print on just one side of your 6×9 presentation folders blank!


This process leaves a depressed image – no raised surface. It works well with embossed designs as they create different textures when put together. Debossing is a good choice for blank presentation folders cheap, as it helps the design to stand out from the surface and gives more depth to your designs!

Foil Stamping

This process uses heat and pressure to transfer foil onto paper or cardstock with an adhesive backing. It leaves a shiny surface that’s very eye-catching on presentation folders blank!


This process uses heat and pressure to bond a plastic film (laminate) onto paper or card stock. A clear laminate creates a smooth surface that can be decorated with foil stamping, debossing, UV printing or even letterpress! It’s an effective way of protection for your blank presentation folders cheap.

UV Coating

This is a special varnish that creates an attractive, glossy finish on paper or card stock. It’s also strong enough to protect against scratches and can be used in combination with other printing techniques for more depth!

Spot Varnishing

A spot varnish is just one color that you want your design printed in – it’s used to highlight certain parts of the design. It also helps protect your folders, as it covers some surface area that can be scratched or damaged!

UV Coating with Spot Varnishing

This is one of the most advanced options for blank presentation folders because you get both a glossy finish and added protection thanks to spot varnish! You can choose from a variety of colors for your spot varnishing – this makes it an attractive combination with digital printing!

Adhesive Sticker

This process uses heat and pressure to bond self-adhesive stickers onto paper or card stock. You have the option to print on just one side, which is great if you want something simple but effective. You can even add spot varnishing to these stickers for added protection!

Lamination With Spot Varnish

This is another great option that combines the best parts of laminating and spot varnishing. You can use both techniques together for extra strength, which makes your presentation folders blank more durable in any environment or weather conditions!

Foil Stamping With Spot Varnish

This process adds another dimension to your folders by combining foil stamping and spot varnishing. You can choose from various colors for the spot varnishing, which makes it an attractive option when combined with letterpress!

Create Notable And Attention-Grabbing Presentation Folders

There are many options for designing presentation folders, and the best one will depend on what you’re looking to achieve. If you want a classic look with elegant letterpress printing or embossing that adds dimension to your design, then go for it! Alternatively, if you’re after something more contemporary and eye-catching but still durable, try out foil stamping with spot varnishing – this combination is perfect for any environment or weather conditions.

how to make paper pocket folders

The reasons how to make paper pocket folders?

If we talk about the corporate sector, then there are so many things that a business owner has to do to establish his or her business. He had to bear so many expenses if he wants to take his business to new heights of success. However, in all this scenario, you have to think about the things that can save some cost for your business. Obviously, when you start a venture, you have to advertise it at so many different levels. But, often, it gets difficult because advertisement is such a difficult process. You need a lot of money to promote or advertise your business or product in the market.

But, if you choose how to make paper pocket folders, then they can be so much cost-effective for your business. You can easily spread your marketing message to many people with the help of these folders and know how to make paper pocket folders. If you choose the custom paper folders for your business, then you can fulfill many business needs combine. You can learn about so many benefits of using these paper folders.

Build up your business identity:

If you choose custom printed paper folders for your business, then you can easily boost up the business identity with them. When you take these folders to the business meetings or official gatherings, then you will definitely look more presentable and organized. They help to give a very professional look to your business.

Leaves a cool first impression:

Just think that if you have o send any proposal or official documents to your clients that are far away, then how can you send them all these things? If you send these documents without covering them with any folder, then they may get damaged or torn. What impression does the prospective client will receive in this manner? Obviously, he will not like the proposal, or he may refuse to continue further business with you.

paper custom folders b2

Obviously, clients are so much important for any business person. Owners just want to catch the attention of clients at any cost. Therefore, they use Kraft paper folders presentation to leave a lasting impression on them. Above all, your documents will also remain safe from any damage in these folders.

For meetings and presentations:

When you are going to any official meeting for any sort f presentation, then you always need these folders to keep all your documents. It is not wrong to say that these folders are an essential part of the presentations. However, at the end of the meetings, business persons often leave their documents at the meeting place. When other people see the documents placed inside the folders, they may consider that you are the right person or company to start a business with.

Cos-effective for advertisements:

Yeah, this is the best part about how to make paper pocket folders that you don’t have to pay for their advertisement again and again because they themselves are the best tool for the promotion. Like, you don’t have to pay monthly for online or television advertisements if you are using these folders. All you need to pay is for the printing or the design of the folders.    

Shows your taste:

Yes, personalization is best f you want to show your taste to the customers and clients. When a client picks your folders, then they will have an impression of you. Like, they will definitely think that you are so conscious about the things you do. Like, they will feel that you are perfect in whatever you do.  You can set a very high standard for your business with these creative folders. There are so many customization options available for the custom folders in the market.


When you are going to meet the client, then you have to keep many things under consideration. Like, this is not only about your tone. In fact, you have to keep many other things under consideration. Whatever you present or write every thing matters a lot, and this includes how to make paper pocket folders as well. These folders can easily carry all your documents in them. They are best to create a sense of uniformity in the mind.

Used as handouts:

You can easily use the paper folders as a handout for your business. You can easily use them during trade shows to spread some information about your business to the customers. To create awareness about your brand or product, just handout these folders to the clients.


You can use these folders not only to keep your documents, but you can also save CDs and DVDs in these folders a swell. If you choose how to make paper pocket folders, then pockets are inserted in them to keep this sort of thing in it.

Act as a messenger:

If you are going to any office with your company’s representatives, then you can make them noticeable among others by giving them these folders. These folders are best to create a separate identity for your business.

How to get the best-printed folders for your business?

This is the most frequently asked question. Well, it is not a big deal now. There are many companies in the market that deal in these folders. You just have to choose the best company and then leave the rest upon them. Letter paper folders can be printed in any design of your choice. There are two different printing strategies that companies offered to their clients. You are free to choose the strategy that you like the most. However, there is a little bit of difference among the price ranges of these folders.

paper custom folders b3

If you go with any known packaging company, then they offer so many customization packages to their clients. You can choose the one that you find more suitable as per your budget.

So, just leave whatever you are doing and get your hands o these folders now. You don’t have to go anywhere. Just choose the respective company and then place the order for the folders online. Buy right now.