Document folders

Crack The Perfect Deal With Custom Document Folders

No matter how quickly we are moving towards a digital world, we need to keep records in a tangible form. Whether these are official records, academic journals, curriculum or pitching a new idea, you need to keep them safe in the form of handouts. Because you never know when your gadgets start acting weird, and you are lost in the middle of nowhere. Sounds unlikely, but you don’t want to face any such hassle, right? Especially when it comes to important stuff like official or academic records, presentation of an important project or pitching a client your new business idea, what you need is handouts of the important documents. These can be in the form of a4 printed sheets, notes, or flyers that you circulate among your audience. Ok, now, are you going to distribute these documents just like that? A piece of paper being circulated among a bunch of people sitting at the conference table? Of course not! You will need a properly organized way of presenting your important documents before your clients to leave a lasting impression that makes them interested in what you are presenting. 

Document folders are useful pieces of equipment that keep your documents organized and make them look very presentable. When you pass on your documents to the concerned person, he will be impressed by the neat way of presenting them. Also, he will look at the folder and observe the features you highlight on them. So here, you get the golden opportunity to get your product/brand/company noticed by the important clients sitting there. This will increase the probability of your brand recognition and recall by the clients. Now to make it work in your best interest, here are a few things that you need to do. 

Create Custom-Printed Document Folders

Icustom folders provide you with the freedom to create document folders of your choice and design them according to your preferences and needs. You have the options to choose from distinct printing techniques that can cater to your branding and design demands. 

Offset Printing Technique

You need an offset printing technique if you want to create high-resolution images on your document presentation folders. This may take a few days to complete your order as the process is extensive with a prolonged initial setup. To produce for you high-resolution, detailed images, we prepare design plates as per your instructions. These design plates are made of rubber or metal and transfer the design to the cylinder, which further transfers the design on the substrate. With offset printing, it is difficult to incorporate design changes once the plates are prepared. Therefore, you cannot opt for it if you need frequent design changes. Also, it is economically feasible when you want to order printed document folders in bulk. 

Digital Printing Technique

On the other hand, we have the option of digital printing to create for you the designs just as you want. You need to create a digitized image that represents your brand or product or any image that you want. All you need is a gadget or computer with an ink-jet printer. The digitized image is transferred through the computer to the printer, and it prints the image directly on the substrate. It does not require an extensive initial setup. Therefore, it is a quick and speedy process and delivers you prints instantly. Also, it is easy to incorporate design changes frequently because all it requires is editing the image according to design requirements. Also, it is an economically feasible option when you have a small scale order. 

So whether you want detailed images to print on your document presentation folders or, you want quick and different designs to promote your ideas with, icustom Folders has got you covered with its distinct and versatile options. 

Now how about adding some flair into your custom document folders? What if some features on your folder require to be highlighted more than others? We have innovative solutions for that too. Here are some of the amazing additional features that you can apply to your custom document folders to make them look highly appealing and make your brand specifications appear more prominent. 

Add-Ons That Can Make Your Custom Folders Look A Class Apart

We have a variety of add-ons that you can apply to your document folders to highlight your brand logo, title, text and designs. Here are the options that you can use in combination or separately to make it look interesting and attractive:

Embossing And Debossing

These add-ons impart visual as well as textural effects on your document folders. You can make your brand logo or title appear sunken below and raised above the background. Embossing and debossing are done by the same method, however, in opposite directions. To impart a textural effect, the material is pressed between two design plates, making the logo, design patterns or fonts press and appear raised or depressed on the surface of the folder. These look very classy and make your clients notice the details by providing them attractive touchpoints on the folder. 

Spot Uv Treatment

Technique is used to highlight the details and make them pop on the surface of the document presentation folders. Clear fluid is applied to the specified area and is instantly dried by exposing it to uv light. This makes the liquid stick there, giving the area a pop that grasps the clients’ attention and makes them notice the details of your company/brand that you highlight. 

Hot Stamping/Foiling

To give your printed document folders attractive effects with a metallic appearance, you can use hot stamping that is also called foiling. It is done by pressing and heating a piece of foil on the specified features of your print design. You can create a logo, font, design patterns and borders with hot stamping. You can choose from holographic, dyed, and reflective effects in metallic shades to make your print designs more prominent and attention-grabbing. 

Be Confident And Organized With Document Folders

You need to organize your important documents and present them in a well-managed and properly arranged way. To do so, you need the right equipment like document folders. Your handouts will not go missing, and you will be saved from the hassle by choosing the perfect custom document folders by ICustomFolders . You can customize them according to your brand and design requirements and make the details prominent by applying attractive add-ons that grasp the clients’ attention. Feel more confident and present your ideas impressively to your clients with spectacular document presentation folders.

Manila File Folders

How To Customize Manila File Folders

How Can Custom File Folders Benefit Your Company’s Branding And Marketing Efforts?

Manila File Folders can be a great organizational tool. They come in many sizes and colors, they have tabs to label the contents, and you can store them on shelves or hang them from a file cabinet. 

So why do some people avoid using file folders? It’s because it takes time to put everything away! But if you’re willing to invest that 5-10 minutes each day, after just a few weeks, your home will be noticeably more organized. Here are some tips for making this worthwhile investment: 

1) Put similar items together (alphabetically or by category). 2) Take five minutes at the end of every workday to organize your desk before you leave for the night. 3) Label all file folders with their contents so that you’ll be able to find anything quickly. 4) Keep up with this habit each day, before or right after work (if possible), and your files will always be accessible, and you’ll never have to spend hours searching for an important paper again!

How To Customize File Folders

Manilla file folders are one of the simplest forms of file folders. However, you can make them look intriguing with the help of a few customization options. The most popular is labeling the file folders with a printed label. This is an economical and simple method. You can also personalize Manilla file folders by printing images directly on the folder. It’s not only stylish, but it’s good for brand promotion too!

Give Your Files Some Color

Labels are great, but they’re not the only way to spruce up your Manila File Folders. One great tip is to use colored papers for your labels so that you can color-code items and files according to their contents or categories. 

For example, green labels for household property (e.g., leases and insurance), blue for banking (e.g., bills and loan statements), and red for personal (e.g., tax documents and medical records).

Aside from that, you can add various colors to create custom printed file folders. Brand-accurate colors can help you enhance branding. You can even make green file folders that look stunning. 

Label File Folders With QR Codes

Another way to make your 11x 17 file folders pop is by labeling them with QR code stickers. These can be ordered in bulk, and you can print them on self-adhesive labels or use the peel-and-stick method to place them anywhere you like. Using a QR code will link your customer to whatever website or contact information you desire. This is an effective marketing tool because it allows for real-time interaction even when you’re not there!

File Folder With Pockets

If you want to incorporate additional storage space into your Manila File Folders, then add custom pockets. You can choose from clear pockets, pockets with card slots, and even pockets that zip up. They’re available in a variety of shapes and sizes- so you will definitely find the perfect fit for any 11×17 file folder. 

Other Add-Ons For File Folders

Many add-ons can help you create personalized Manila File Folders. They include:

  • Spot UV
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Hot Stamping

Let’s go through these options in detail.

Spot UV

This add-on can make an everlasting impression. Spot UV is an additional layer of coating that is applied to the printed area to make it look shiny and brilliant. This gives your Manila File Folders a rich and elegant look and also protects the prints from fading and damage.


Debossing adds texture by engraving your chosen design into the folder or label. It’s best for creating a durable custom Manila File Folders that lasts long, especially if you choose leather as the material.


This method uses heated plates to raise logos, text, designs, photos, etc., to create an elevated effect on your customized file folders. This will give them a unique feel and attention-grabbing appearance. These raised areas are created with soft materials so they won’t damage over time like hard materials might.

Hot Stamping

This is another way to make your customized Manila File Folders stand out. Hot stamping involves using a heated tool to transfer designs onto your custom file folder. The heat will leave an imprint of your design, logo, text, etc., on the print surface to create an elegant and unique effect.

File Folder Printing Tips 

1) Be creative- Your custom Manila File Folders are blank canvases just waiting for you to design them! So have fun with it- think of what you like and experiment freely with your ideas. For example, you can mix up different colors or styles (e.g., print some areas in spot UV while leaving other parts debossed). 

2) Use branded colors- Colors allow you to make your file folders look stunning and help you increase brand awareness. Branded colors such as Pantone standards, PMS matching systems, TruMatch etc., can perfectly complement your company’s branding. You can also use custom colors that fit best with your company identity and graphic themes. 

3) Make it pop- Think of ways on how you can make your customized file folders more eye-catching and alluring for clients and target customers (e.g., add QR codes). You can even order colored paper that will give a totally new look to ordinary manilla folder stock! 

4) Make sure you order in bulk- Ordering file folders for your business in bulk will help you save money. You can even get discounts or incentives when ordering more than just one case! However, always remember that printing colors take up more manilla folder stock, so consider this when estimating how many to order.

5) Use sturdy materials- If you want your customized 11x 17 file folders to last long, then make sure they are made of quality materials (e.g., 12 pt cardstock). 

6) Store them properly- Manila File Folders gather dust and take up space if they’re left lying around in messes. It would be best to place the files in cabinets or shelves to avoid getting damaged. 


Creating personalized file folders is a great way to give your company branding and marketing materials an edge. Customizing manila folders with UV coating, debossing, hot stamping etc., will make them stand out from the rest of the competition. You can also use these methods for other products, such as brochures or pamphlets that you may want to order in bulk! When designing customized files, the most important thing is being creative- have fun with it and experiment freely with your ideas. Our team at ICustomFolders has been helping businesses create unique printed designs using all sorts of techniques so let us know what we can do for you!

Legal Size Hanging File Folders

Benefits Of Customizing Legal Size Hanging File Folders

Legal Size Hanging File Folders are the perfect solution for anyone looking to organize their work. They’re incredibly durable, which is great if you’re always on the go and don’t have time to take care of your belongings like they should be taken care of. 

Legal presentation folders often come with a pen holder, slots for pens and business cards, as well as two pockets for papers; one pocket is open-ended while the other has an elastic band closure. The folder itself opens up to reveal three clear plastic sheets that can be removed at any time so that everything inside remains visible without having to take out all of your materials every single time. 

What’s more, legal presentation folders are lightweight but strong enough that you won’t have anything spilling out or getting damaged when you’re running around for your errands. It’s also great that you can choose from a variety of different colors, so it doesn’t have to be just black if you want something else.

Legal presentation folders are definitely the next step in organizing and will aid anyone looking to take their work seriously or simply keep track of everything they need on the go. 

There are various benefits of customizing your Legal Size Hanging File Folders. Let’s look at some benefits that can help you get a greater market share. 


By customizing the size of the folders, you can create legal size presentation folders that can fit any type of legal sized documents. 

Pockets And Slots

If you customize the folder to have slots and pockets, that would be perfect for your business cards and pens or pencils. This way, you can keep track of them easily. Also, there are various types of pen and pencil holders with this folder available in the market. 

Design And Color

With customization, you can create multiple designs and colors for your Legal Size Hanging File Folders. This will help your customers to identify with the product easily. With various ready-made templates available in the market, this process has become quite simple nowadays. 

Marketing Needs

With the use of the right prints, you can create custom legal-size presentation folders that can help you to market your business in the right way. You can create various shapes and sizes of folders to suit your marketing needs using various templates available.

Unique Designs

Suppose you want to make Legal Size Hanging File Folders that are uniquely designed. In that case, there are various custom folder printing services that help you to create your own unique design and have it printed on folders. 

Many add-ons and finishing coats can help make legal-size folders stand out. You can opt for finishing coats like the matte, glossy, soft-touch or varnish finishing coat.

These finishing coats have different properties; let’s take a look at some of them. Matte finishing coat 

The matte finish gives your design a flat and smooth look. It’s perfect for those who want to give their folders a clean and modern look as well as protect the print from scratches and fading. You can order this as an add-on or as the finishing coat by itself. 

Matte Finishing Coat

This coating has a smooth finish which reduces glare. It makes the surface of your folder less prone to scratches. This coating also protects your folders from dirt and grime.

Glossy Finishing Coat 

The glossy finish has a mirror-like property and reflects light. It’s perfect for those who want to give their folders something extra for a detailed look. This finishing coat can help your folders become the center of attention. 

Soft Touch Finish 

This finish gives your design a soft touch which makes it feel silky smooth. It’s perfect for those who want a luxurious feel for their folders. Furthermore, the soft-touch finishing coat helps increase the grip of the legal folders. 

Vanish Finish 

This is perfect for giving their custom Legal Size Hanging File Folders a complete satin look. It gives the products a matte finish that is perfect for business and personal use. The varnish finish is perfect for making your products stand out among the rest. 

Add-ons like embossing, debossing, spot UV, and custom pockets can help you set your folders apart from other brands. 


This process adds a raised effect to your designs. It can be in the form of lines, shapes or letters. You can order this as an add-on option with your Legal Size Hanging File Folders. 


The debossing gives you a sunken effect on your folders. If you want to give a three-dimensional look to their folders, opt for this option. Furthermore, this option can be used with other options to truly give your legal folders a superb look. 

Spot UV 

This is another process by which you can give your design that extra shine and pop it up from the rest. Best for those who are looking to grab people’s attention instantly, this finishing touch is perfect for the modern business world. 

Custom Pockets 

Give your custom folders an extra edge with customized pockets. This is perfect for those who are looking to give their folders that extra special touch. 

ICustomFolders creates the best custom legal folders at the best prices. We use the best materials to ensure that our products are top quality. Our team is available around the clock to help you create your own unique design and have it printed on folders. You can order legal size presentation folders from us in a quick turnaround time and get them shipped anywhere in the world!

Cheap Custom Folders

How To Make Impactful Yet Cheap Custom Folders?

Custom folders with cheap prices also come with cheap build quality and lackluster features. Why would you want to settle for something that could cause you to lose customers’ trust?

Whether you are designing Cheap Custom Folders with logos or custom presentation folders in small quantities, a few right choices can help your folders achieve the next level. 

This blog will take you through the absolute basics of custom folders. We will look at selecting the right material and using custom prints effectively. 

Paper Materials for Custom Folders

Paper is one of the cheapest options of materials. However, that does not mean it can’t help fulfill your specific folder needs. The right material can help you safeguard the files inside the folders while presenting them attractively. 

When selecting a material, ensure that you are asking the right questions. Questions like:

  • What kind of impression do you want your Cheap Custom Folders for Christmas to make?
  • How long would you like the folder to last?
  • Is the material flexible enough to withstand everyday use?

The answers to these three questions would help determine what kind of paper should be used in making your custom folders. 

Some options that can help you cater to these questions are described below.

Cardstock Material

This material is one of the lightest options. It is also relatively inexpensive. Although the stiffness of the paper is not enough to provide good protection for your files inside, it can last you a couple of years compared with other materials. 

Most cardstock material folders are made on wood pulp, making them eco-friendlier than some options available in the paper market. 

Furthermore, the outer surface of the cardstock material folders can be printed in a large variety of designs and colors to make your folders match the rest of your branding materials.

Eco-Friendly Kraft Material

Kraft materials are known to be strong and sturdy. They are made out of recycled paper, making them eco-friendlier than most options available in the market. 

Their natural yellowish-brown color also gives it a natural look, making your Cheap Custom Folders blend perfectly with the normal environment without attracting too much attention. 

Another advantage of using Kraft materials is that they are thicker compared to normal paper. This makes it easier for the folder to protect the files inside while also protecting against wear and tear from everyday use.

The one disadvantage of this material is that it starts yellowing after prolonged exposure to air, water, or sunlight. However, that can be dealt with by using finishing coats. 

Rigid Paperboard Materials

Rigid materials are one of the most durable and sturdy materials you can use to make your Cheap Custom Folders. They are known to be able to handle even the roughest treatment and still come out looking fresh.

The best part about this material is that it is also designed to give excellent protection to the files inside. It does so by providing a rigid structure that remains tough even when stacked on top of each other.

The only disadvantage of rigid paperboard materials is that they are heavier and thicker than other options, which means it will impact the overall cost of acquiring them. Not to mention, this also makes it difficult for you to carry or store such folders in small spaces. 

Other Materials

You can also use other materials to make Cheap Custom Folders like:

– Polypropylene (PP)

– Metal (Aluminum, Brass, etc.) 

The only disadvantage of these materials is that it may be difficult for you to stay within your budget since they are pricier than paper. 

Now that we have looked at some options of paper materials, let’s move towards using custom prints effectively

Custom Prints

Custom printed paper folders can attract customers from afar. Furthermore, they help you transform the folders into marketing tools. The right custom prints can also make the Cheap Custom Folders with logos into eye-catching branding tools. 

One important thing you should remember when using custom prints is that they must be in color. Black and white custom prints don’t stand out as much as colored ones do. 

Here are some ways you can effectively use custom prints.

  • Make them match your brand’s logo and color scheme
  • Use different colored inks to add a touch of color to the custom folders
  • Add relevant details about the folders in print, including their category, name, or price. This can help you improve customer conversion rates

Using a combination of these four tips will help you maximize the effectiveness of your custom folders.

Printing Techniques For Custom Printed File Folders

Suppose you want to make printed presentation folders in small quantities. In that case, you should look for manufacturers that offer digital printing options. 

Digital printing is one of the most inexpensive forms of printing. The lack of setup fees and minimum quantities makes it perfect for small businesses or individuals who want to print in small quantities.

Furthermore, digital printing guarantees fast turnaround times since it does not involve any type of converting. 

However, the most important advantage of this printing technique is that you can achieve almost any level of customization you want. From different papers to custom colors and designs, digital printing offers unlimited options for creating anything you desire.

However, if you want to create printed Cheap Custom Folders with logos in bulk quantity, offset printing techniques will be helpful. 

This type of printing offers the best quality as far as printing is concerned. In addition to its high print quality, it also gives you a wide variety of options for customizing the folders with a logo. 

If you have a good design team, they can even create custom designs from scratch. 

The only disadvantage of this kind of printing is that it is slightly more expensive than digital printing. In addition, it also demands a higher setup fee and minimum order quantities.

If you want to print your custom folders in large quantities, this is the best option. However, if you don’t need high quality or quantity but just want to print some personal folders, you should consider using digital printing techniques.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to create Cheap Custom Folders. However, that doesn’t mean you forgo quality. iCustomFolders offers cheap custom folders at a surprisingly high quality. Furthermore, our prices are so low that they fit the smallest of budgets. Thus, you don’t have to worry about finding a balance between price and quality for our products.

Reach out today. We might even have some hidden discounts waiting!

Tri-Panel Presentation Folders

How to Design Tri-Panel Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders are often used in business because of their professional look and ability to fit important information such as letters, papers, or even CD’s.  

With the vast number of styles that can be found today for Tri-Panel Presentation Folders. Anyone looking to get a custom look should not have difficulty finding just what they want. A few different types of styles include tri-panel (which usually contains an 8 ½” x 11″ pocket at the top), bi-fold (which gives you two equal-sized flat panels), and tri-panel folders (where three panels fold together). Each style will contain its unique benefits, while some companies may prefer one over another based on their preference.

To create a custom folder, you may need your company’s logo and branding color scheme. In addition, most companies will also want their logo to be added to the design and information. Such as business name and contact information. Depending on what type of event or meeting you are trying to cater to. You may also find that adding more photos onto your presentation folders can help draw attention and leave a lasting impression on those who see it first.

Once completed and designed, all presentation folders should be printed using high-quality paper that is durable enough for numerous uses. Since presentation folders usually contain essential documents which must remain clean and un-marred throughout the delivery process, always use at least 20lb paper to ensure a professional presentation.

When designing

When designing your next folder, consider what material choices you have. And how these items will help create the perfect first impression for any occasion. If you are unable to find a specific type of folder on which to print, knowing. How to design your own from scratch using an online tool can eliminate this issue and save money in the process. While some people might consider creating folders themselves. If you want professional-looking tri-fold pocket folders, you need to consider taking the services of reputable companies.  

Having custom printed folders is easy. With some helpful tips and tools at your disposal to create a unique look that fits your preferences best. To get started, all it takes is opening a blank page within word or Pages and setting up different sections for each panel accordingly. When creating the actual content inside each panel. You can draw attention to important points within your presentation. By adding additional text boxes onto the actual template or simply creating a more interesting layout.

Designing stationery is a great way to help promote your business or make it easier for people to identify you. If you need any help with your tri-panel presentation folders. Using an online resource can be helpful to create one that will ensure the best first impression quickly. It doesn’t take much work and time to get started when using one of these tools. So try them out today to see what they have available in store!

Tips To Design Stellar Tri-Panel Presentation Folders

You need to follow these tips when looking for the best tri-fold pocket folders. 

1.  Keep it clean

In this case, you should keep your tri-panel presentation folders clutter-free and straightforward. You don’t need a lot of visuals that will only give the person a headache just from looking at them.

2. Make your logo stand out

Your company’s logo is what people will see first once they look at these folders. So you should make sure that it looks as good as possible, by using good fonts and colors and making sure. That it is properly placed within each folder template.

3. Experiment with different layouts

You don’t have to stick with one layout for all your folders. Mixing up the layouts can make things more interesting, capturing someone’s attention first.

4. Build your design with shapes

You can use creative shapes to build your design instead of text boxes. For example, you can use triangles to give the folders some height or go with circles. It’s all up to you, so have fun with these things!

5. Select high-quality printing paper

Although it may not seem like a big deal at first, if you don’t choose print paper that is simply too low quality, yourTri-Panel Presentation Folders won’t look as good as they should, which gives you a wrong first impression.

6. Use templates for an easier designing process

Not only are templates great for making sure that everything on your tri-panel presentation folders looks perfect, but they are also extremely helpful since they allow you to simply drag and drop different content where they need to go for a much easier designing process.


After learning about these helpful tips and tools, it’s time to get started on your tri-panel presentation folders. Remember that your logo should always be the first thing people see when they take one of these out, so make sure that it looks amazing by using good fonts and colors before moving on to the rest of the design. Once finished, make sure to select a high-quality print paper that will hold up through multiple uses while also having custom branded printing done for an added touch.

I Custom Folders can help you create custom tri-panel presentation folders for your business. We use the best printing techniques to give the folders a good print quality. We offer various customizations to help you design folders that can entice your customers and help you present the information in a streamlined fashion. Give us a call today to know more about our services. 

File Folder presentation

Benefits Of Using File Folder Presentation

Reasons You Should Start Using File Folders: Advantages And Customization

You may be wondering: what can these simple, yellow pieces of paper do for me? Well, if you’re someone who uses a lot of documents to keep yourself organized, File Folder presentation are an essential organizational tool that will help you stay on top of your work! Read on below if you’re curious about the advantages and customization options available to you with file folders.

Expandable File Folders

Look into expandable options when you’re looking for a folder that can hold and protect more than just papers. These files can accommodate everything from magazines and documents to CDs and even envelopes. They come in various sizes, so an option is available whether your storage needs are big or small!

Decorating File Folders

File folders are an inexpensive way to add your personal touch and style to a room. There is no end to the number of designs, prints, and colors added to a simple folder! They also come in every imaginable size, so one is available for any need. Stick decorative File Folder presentation onto walls or doors, and even onto furniture (such as filing cabinets) for a quick and easy makeover!

Decorative File Folders

File folders are an easy way to sort through your papers. You can color code, label, or decorate them for a special touch! They come in various sizes, so there is something available for every situation imaginable. If you want expandable files. These will accommodate more oversized items such as magazines and envelopes, keeping all of your paperwork safe from damage. With customization options available – printed on labels, stick-on decals, or even vinyl sheets. Which let you print off designs themselves (fish, bugs, and rainbows being some great examples). There isn’t anything terrible about using expandable File Folder presentation for organization! 

Colorful Manila File folders

Although you may think they are limited to the classic yellow color scheme – this couldn’t be any further from the truth. If you’re looking for a splash of color, you can find it with these! In addition to the usual yellow and beige options that most people think of. When asked about manila file folders – they also come in blue, green, red, and grey.

Customizing File Folders

You might have heard a lot about customizing, but what does this mean? Customization is simply designing something yourself, so it looks how you want it to look. There are many ways to customize your storage needs with office supplies such as File Folder presentation: stick-on labels for easy labelling or even printing off designs onto stickers, which will give any expandable folder added personality! Alternatively, if you’re not great at design work – let someone else do all the hard work for you by having some fun adding vinyl decals (such as fish, flowers, and leaves) to your storage options.

File Folders – Useful Organizational Tool

Although they may not be the most glamorous of stationery items – File Folder presentation are a great organizational tool that will help you stay on top of things in no time! They come in different sizes and colors, so there is an option for any size or need imaginable. Customize them with labels or stickers, add some personality by decorating them with decals, or print off designs onto adhesive vinyl sheets (fish, bugs, and rainbows). If it’s expandable files you’re looking for – these can hold larger than usual papers such as magazines and envelopes, keeping all your documents safe from damage. There isn’t anything terrible about using file folders when organizing yourself!

Benefits Of Using File Folder

Organize yourself by keeping important documents filed away safely. Choose different colours that suit the personality of your room and customize by adding labels or even printing off your designs onto stickers. Find expandable File Folder presentation options to accommodate more oversized items such as magazines and envelopes, keeping all of your paperwork safe from damage. There’s no reason not to start using them!

They help you stay organized in a simple, stylish way! Choose different colours that suit your space’s personality and decorate with labels or print out personalized designs onto sticky back vinyl sheets (fish, bugs, and rainbows being some great examples).

If it’s expandable File Folder presentation you’re looking for – these can hold larger than usual papers such as magazines and envelopes while still protecting them from damage. Decorative file folders customization is easy with stick-on decals, printable labels, or even vinyl sheets which let you print off designs onto adhesive sheets themselves (fish, bugs, and rainbows being some great examples). There’s nothing terrible about using file folders when it comes to organization!

Organize Yourself By Keeping Important Documents Filed Away Safely

Choose different colours that suit the personality of your room and customize them with labels or even print off designs onto stickers. If it’s expandable files you’re looking for – these can accommodate more oversized items such as magazines and envelopes while still protecting them from damage! Manila file folders’ customization is easy thanks to stick-on decals, printable labels, or even vinyl sheets which let you print off designs themselves (fish, bugs, and rainbows being some great examples). There isn’t anything terrible about using File Folder presentation when organizing yourself – so what are you waiting for? 

File Folders Are A Great Organizational Tool When You Want To Keep Everything Together In One Place

They come in different sizes and colors, so there is an option for any size or need imaginable. You can color-code them if that’s your thing, decorate with stickers and labels – even print off designs onto adhesive vinyl sheets. Expandable file folders will accommodate more oversized items such as magazines and envelopes while protecting them from damage. Thanks to stick-on decals, printed labels or even vinyl sheets, file folder customization are simple, which lets you print off designs themselves (fish, bugs, and rainbows being some great examples). There isn’t anything terrible about using file folders for organization! I custom Folders offers you a wide range of customizable file folders for any need imaginable.

Custom Printed Gate Folders

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Printed Gate Folders? –

How To Make Your Own Professional-Looking Gatefold Folder At Home With No Experience Or Equipment Necessary

We all know that paper has been around for a very long time. And it is still used in many different ways today. One of the most common uses of paper is folding. The majority of these folds are made to make things like envelopes, boxes. And even books, but there are also other types that we don’t often think about or use as often, such as Custom Printed Gate fold Folders. 

Gate Folders: What Are They? 

A Custom Printed Gate Folders is a document with two sides printed on one sheet which can be folded. So both pages show at once when opened from the short edge opposite the spine. German printer Friedrich Koenig originally designed this type of folder in 1818. 

The original purpose of the gate fold was to allow a publisher to inform a wider audience about an upcoming publication while also including advertisements by other companies. Hence, they are also known as marketing gatefold folders. 

By 1831 English printers had adopted this style of the folder, and it quickly spread throughout Europe and America. There are three types of gate folds: single sheets, double-sided blanks, and single-sided blanks. The most common type is the double-sided blank folder with two folded flaps on one side that can be opened either from the top or bottom edge. This fold produces a simple but effective display piece that allows the viewer to see both inside and out without having to turn the piece over, just as one would have to do with a brochure or catalog. 

Gate Folders: How Are They Used?

Today, Custom Printed Folders are still used by many companies in their promotional material for advertisements and publications. This type of folder is very eye-catching. As it allows readers to see what is being offered without having to turn the page over which some people have a hard time doing. Especially with the larger sized flaps on some of these pieces.

Gate folds can be made from paper or another heavier cardstock style material and plastic. Which some printers may use more often than not today. Since it helps save money and produces a high-quality finish that looks impressive. There are many ways gate folds can be folded both horizontally and vertically depending on how others view the finished piece. 

As you can see, the gate fold folder is an effective way to get people’s attention. When they are looking at your advertisements. And publications by giving them a sneak peek of what you have to offer while keeping all their attention focused on what is being displayed. Gate fold folders are still used today for many different types of print media that people use every day.

Such as newspapers, magazines, brochures, catalogs, and flyers, just to name a few. They generally aren’t very expensive. But it does depend on how much work goes into making each piece. So some printing companies may charge more than others for this type of print process due to the intricacies involved with its production.

The good news is that gate folds do not require an expert printer and can be done at home with a little research.

And some patience as long as you have the necessary equipment to do so, such as an inkjet or laser printer.

Gate Folders: How Are They Made?

First, your document must be formatted properly, including having it set up for double-sided printing so both flaps will show when opened from either top or bottom edge of your finished piece. Your document size must also allow enough room on each side of the paper for the two flaps to open properly without any interference from other elements on each page.

Since this type of folder is normally printed on larger sheets of paper, you’ll want to make sure that there are no photos. Illustrations or other images that are running too close to the left or right edge of your sheets so the flaps can be cut off properly.

The next step is to have your local printer print out each page, including front and back, with double-sided printing, which will allow each side to show when opened from either top or bottom. 

Once this process is finished, you will need a paper trimmer to cut off any excess material that may interfere with the two open edges where the flaps are located on both sides of your document. Next, place all pages in sequential order for easy assembly later on in another folding machine that has been adjusted to accommodate gatefold folders if you want consistent looking results without having any variations between one flap opening before the other during the production process.

Each page will be trimmed and folded separately until all pages have been finished, and this is when the document is ready to assemble by pressing each side together for a secure fit. 

What Are The Benefits Of Gate Folders? – 

Custom Printed Gate Folders look very impressive and professional when folded because both flaps open at the same time while showing off your print media while allowing easy access to what it contains inside, along with the option of displaying it on a table or countertop without having to turn it over just like other types of folders, brochures, catalogs, etc.

It’s also less expensive than some other options, which can save you money in the long run for large print jobs that require multiple pieces. If you are looking for a way to get people’s full attention while looking at your advertisements, gate fold folders are the way to go without a doubt.

Gate Folders: How To Make A Document

In order to make a document that is formatted properly for creating a successful gatefold folder, you should start by inserting photos and any other images before printing out double-sided onto normal 8 ½ x 11-inch sheets of paper from either an inkjet or laser printer. You can also use large photo paper or card stock which will give you a more professional look, along with having them printed in high resolution, so they look great when displayed up close once finished.

Ensure there is no blank space going right up to the edge so it doesn’t interfere with how each flap is cut. And then folded into position before assembling them all together. Once this is finished, trim each piece to allow about a quarter of an inch at the top.

And bottom for extra material that can be easily hidden under the spine. Which will give you a finished look on both sides when it’s open. Gate fold folders are by far one of the best-looking presentation pieces available today without any need for expert printing services, so anyone can do their own print jobs from home with some patience and by following these simple steps to produce professional-looking results.

Gate Folders: Tips And Tricks

Make sure you have your equipment set up properly by first printing out a test page to check for proper alignment, along with making sure there isn’t too much excess material that will interfere with the two flaps being opened from either side. You can have a look at what’s available online for inspiration or check out your local library to find books with examples of gatefold folders within them as this is a great way to learn more about the subject and how it works before even trying to make one yourself from scratch.

Using Gate Folders For Presentations

These types of folders are very popular in the business world because they easily allow you to showcase important information without having to turn anything over like other options out there, making them perfect for sales presentations where a large audience is watching along with having people take notes on any vital details that might be going on all parts of the presentation including giving out samples and the like.

If you want to make sure your audience stays focused, using a Custom Printed Gate fold Folders is definitely the way to go, and it’s precisely why many businesses invest in these types of folders because they work very well for them and their sales teams alike. There are also different styles available such as those that can be set up vertically or horizontally. Depending on what will look best with the information being shown off inside. All while still looking impressive as ever as well as keeping everyone’s attention throughout without fail.

Gate Folders: How To Find More Information

As mentioned above, one great resource for finding more information about how to create gatefold folders, including some tips, tricks and other helpful hints, would come from the internet. However, if you are a professional to help you make the best gatefold folders in the market, we are at your service. 

iCustom Folders offers custom gatefold folders that can help pull customers towards your brand. We offer various customization options that can help you solidify your brand identity while keeping documents safe. 

Get in touch with our customer care representatives to know more about our gate fold folders. Contact us now to get started! 

Customizations For Mini Folders With 4x6 Size

Here’s How Mini Size Folders Can Make A Big Impact

Size is one of the most important factors when it comes to designing custom folders. It is a crucial factor that impacts the functionality of the presentation folders and also its aesthetic qualities. Customers are on the lookout to fulfill the needs of their customers. Sometimes the customers want large legal-sized presentation folders. In contrast, sometimes they need mini file folders of 4×6 dimensions to store small vital documents adequately. 

For example, suppose the dimensions of your presentation folders are too small. In that case, they won’t be able to adequately store the documents and keep them secure inside the folders. However, if the size of the mini-size folders is too large, they might take the spotlight away from the documents stored inside. 

You might have a business that requires you to have Customizations For Mini Folders With 4×6 Size of different sizes for various applications. Thus, it is important to have a manufacturer who can cater to the different dimensions of the folders and create custom presentation folders in any shape and size. Whether you are looking for digital media folders or mini presentation folders, you need to focus when designing the folders. 

The following is a description of the different sizes that are widely available in the market today. We have listed them so you better understand how size plays a vital role in making custom folders. 

For General Use Go For The 9×12 Presentation Folders

This option gives a wonderful size for a plethora of uses. The 9×12 is letter size and will fit most of the business documents with ease. Compared with the mini folders with 4×6 dimensions, these presentation folders offer greater space for your creative artwork to decorate the folders. Furthermore, these folders can open horizontally to fit documents in the landscape setting. 

9×14 Presentation Folders For Contracts

Contracts are usually written on large documents. Customizations For Mini Folders With 4×6 Size won’t be enough to contain the contractual documents. Thus, it would help if you had the larger 9×14 size folders that can do that job more adequately. Legal documents need to be kept very safe as harming them might null and void the contract. Hence, it would be best if you had folders that can function to protect delicate documents with the appropriate size. 

Mini Size Folders For Storing Digital Media

Many companies are moving towards a paperless office setup. They hope to do this to avoid any wastes. However, offices will always need paper. Furthermore, there is no reason why digital media cannot be represented attractively in beautiful folders. You can create mini-size folders that have custom card inserts that allow the proper storage of digital media. 

How To Present Large Quantities Of Documents

Sometimes having the right size of presentation folders is not enough. There is only a limited number of documents that even the largest folders can store. To store and present several documents at the same time, you need folders that offer additional slack. The added slack can help expand the folders as you store many documents inside them.  Some manufacturers allow you to make mini presentation folders with additional slack to store and present a large number of small-sized documents.

Got Small-Sized Documents, Opt For Mini Size Folders

Small documents are often lost in the vast space of larger presentation folders. Thus, there are special mini file folders with 4×6 sizes that allow the proper storage of small documents. These folders look discrete and can feature many customizations that can help them make a large impact. Furthermore, you can choose to create mini folders in 4×6 dimensions in the landscape orientation. 

Moreover, the compact design and elongated panels of the mini-size folders make them easy to hold and carry. Thus, they can be perfect for customers who don’t want to carry around big and heavy weighted folders that take up a lot of space in their bags or purses. 

The Customizations For Mini Folders With 4×6 Size fit snuggly into the palm of the hand. Thus, they are an effective way to represent small documents attractively. Furthermore, you can control the shape of the folders. Thus, you can create designs with rounded-off edges.  The rounded edges can help offer a sense of comfort while your customers handle the folders.

Customizations For Mini Folders With 4×6 Size

There are many customization options that you can avail of when designing custom mini-size folders. You can create various shapes according to your needs. However, that is only the start. 

You can use different materials, also known as stock, to make the mini-presentation folders. Thus, you have the option of creating spectacular folders which can keep the small documents safe and secure. 

Furthermore, you can choose to create custom printed mini-size folders. Custom prints allow you to create visually appealing mini presentation folders that can catch the eye of the customers from afar. Furthermore, custom prints also allow you to transform your custom folders into a marketing tool. Moreover, you can even enhance your branding by using custom prints to showcase your brand’s colors.

Mini folder 4xt6 has limited space. However, that should not deter you from using add-ons and finishing coats to add layers of personalization to the folders. Add-ons can help endear the customers by adding special features that elevate the look and feel of the folders. 

Finishing coats help bring all the different elements of the design together. They are an exciting way to incorporate striking effects on the folders. Furthermore, they can even help increase the protection of the printed colors by offering a beautiful covering between the environmental heat and moisture and the surface of the folder. 

Whether you are looking to make mini-size folders for special events or mini presentation folders for your company, you can count on iCUstom Folders to help you out. Our vast array of customizations can help you cater to any shape and size. Furthermore, we can incorporate add-ons and finishing coats into your design without breaking a sweat. Our custom care representatives are waiting for your call. Contact us today, and let’s make mini-size folders that make a big impact on your customers.  

Enhanced Marketing With Gatefold Folders

Why Do Brands And Customers Love Gatefold Folders Alike?

In the world of custom folders, there are many options. These options help you create custom folders in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Gate folders, also known as gatefold folders, is one of the styles that looks exceptionally beautiful. 

It is one of the most commonly used styles of custom folders. As its name suggests, this type of folder gets its name from its unique appearance. 

The gatefold folders are made by using parallel folds. Imagine a piece of rectangular paper. Hold it in the portrait orientation. Now, grab the edges on either side and turn them towards the middle. Make sure to align the edges with each other so that they meet in the center. Creasing the folded edges would end up giving you a paper with a gatefold. 

The two flaps that were previously the edges now act as gates. The ‘gates’ open up to unveil the information inside the folder. By folding the edges in the manner stated above, you end up getting six surfaces. Thus, using the folding style greatly enhances the space on the folders. 

These six spaces or panels are differentiated by the space they offer. The two flaps offer four smaller areas. The middle space behind the ‘gates’ gives you a section of vast space. Furthermore, the opposite side of this middle section also offers the same area. 

Some of the famous examples of this folding style are the greeting cards that are sealed in the middle using a sticker. Furthermore, many companies that have to separate a lot of data use gate folders to display different categories of information.

However, that is not all. You can even create eight-sided gatefold folders by folding the more extensive middle section again. Thus, creating two more areas. 

Opening Custom Gatefold Folders Is An Experience 

The distinct style of this packaging creates excitement for the customers. There is a sense of adventure and discovery when opening the gate folders for the first time. They can hold immense potential. You can print alluring images in the middle section to increase the customer experience.

One of the most used techniques with custom gate folders is to provoke the intriguing nature of humans. You can do this by posing a question on the outer flaps. Opening the flaps will offer the answer to the question. This strategy can help you hook the customers and make them feel like they are achieving something by finding the answer to the query that bothers them.

Hooking them by using a question that resonates with them helps you grab the customers’ attention. When you have the customers right where you want them, you can unveil your products, services, and brand, answering their plight. 

Enhanced Marketing With Gatefold Folders

When using gatefold folders, you must be varying between all the different panels. Using the strategy explained above, you can pull in the customers with the help of attractive custom prints you invite them to explore your services further. They would begin flipping the side panels to search for more information about your services. Thus, the backside of the flaps is a beautiful place to include various details.

These details can be tailored to showcase your brand or more information regarding the products. Furthermore, they can also serve as the perfect canvas for your creative expressions. 

Gatefold Folders Help Increase Brand Reach Out

If you play your cards right and design superb-looking gatefold folders, your customers will be intrigued enough to turn the folders over to view the backside. This space can contain information regarding your pricing. Many successful brands use this space to showcase their brand slogan to make an everlasting impression. Furthermore, they cover this area with details that can help the customers contact them with ease.

Thus, you must consider the various design elements that will make up gate folders when designing custom gate folders. Suppose the customers are not interested in the front flaps of the folders. In that case, it is unlikely that they will open the gate and explore the information that you have presented. 

There are a few general tips that can help you make attractive gate folders. Following these tips and suggestions can help you make gatefold folders that help pull customers from afar. 

Tips For Making Custom Printed Gate Folders

  • When creating custom prints that can help you fulfill your marketing needs with gatefold folders, having a ‘bleed’ of up to 4 squared millimeters; bleed is the number of extra dimensions you add to the design. Adding bleed ensures that the printed colors thoroughly cover the corners and edges. 
  • Building on the point mentioned above, no one wants to see the nasty white stripes along the edges of the folded panels. You can avoid those lines by extending the background colors and images to cover the cropping margins. 
  • It can also be beneficial to move all the custom printed images and photos about 3mm towards the center of the middle panel. This compensation helps keeps the images away from the cropping margins. Thus, you can ensure that the overall look of the fate fold folders feels coherent. Of course, this tip won’t apply if you image that covers two bordering panels. 
  • As with any product, we highly recommend asking your manufacturer if they can offer prototypes or samples. Prototypes will help you see how the finished folders will sit in your hands. Furthermore, you can have a better understanding of the various creases. 
  • Unless you intend the designing team of the manufacturing to tamper with the files, you should send your custom printed files in an unalterable format. Some of the common formats used in the industry are TIFF, PDS, JPG, EPS, and PS.
  • It can be helpful to create two different files for the inside and the outside of the gate folders. This distinction of the two sides can help you, and the manufacturer avoids confusion when printing your designs. 
  • Extending the previous point, if you plan on adding various add-ons and finishing coats, it can be helpful to create different layers. Thus, the manufacturer can have no trouble distinguishing add-ons from the custom printed design. 
  • Furthermore, adding various decorative elements using different layers allows you to visualize the final design easily. Moreover, you can make changes to different layers separately without changing other aspects. Thus, you can cater to interfering elements in a straightforward manner. 

Those mentioned above were some tips that can help you make fantastic custom printed gatefold folders. However, custom printing is just one of the many customization options you can avail of when creating custom gate folders. 

Other customizations can include using different stocks (materials). Furthermore, you can incorporate add-ons into your design to make the gate folders genuinely stand out. Moreover, you can select from a plethora of finishing coats that can help bring the various design elements of the folders to come together. 

iCustom Folders prides itself on offering a host of customization options. We can cater to various shapes, sizes, and styles. Our team is ever-ready to help you make the best tools for increased branding and marketing with our gatefold folders. Reach out today, and let’s get to it.

Add More Information To The Document File Folders

Seven Benefits Of Custom Document Folders You Must Be Aware Of

Document folders come in many shapes and sizes. They are used in a host of different industries, from the travel industry to the expos of agricultural and other industries. The superb organizational abilities of document folders help them be widely sought after.

Whenever you have a host of different papers, images, and other small-sized objects, custom document file folders can help you out. 

However, their advantages are not limited to the organization of various documents. Custom document folders can help you create marketing tools that can stand out in the market. Furthermore, they can become an instrument of enhancing your branding. 

 Whether you want to Add More Information To The Document file Folders or document storage folders, customizing them can help your brand make a lasting impression with the customers. Countless customizations can help you create personalized custom document file folders. 

However, before we head into the various customizations that can help you splendid-looking custom document folders, let’s look at some of the benefits of making document folders

Add More Information To The Document File Folders

A very efficient way to portray yourself as an authority in the industry is to display your expertise using custom document folders. This information can come in the form of brand history or tidbits regarding their product. 

You can increase customer appreciation by adding valuable information to the custom document folders. This added value can help the customers have a positive association with your brand. 

Enhanced Security For Vehicle Document Folders

Vehicle documents are vital when it comes to any legal proceedings. It is imperative to keep these documents safe. Customizing the Add More Information To The Document file Folders can help you do that. With custom document folders, you have the choice to select from several different materials. These materials can help increase the visual appearance of the folders. 

However, you can also choose materials that offer increased protection to the vehicle documents as they go through long-distance shipping and transit. 

Custom Document Folders Make Reaching Out To Your Brand Easy

Imagine that you meet potential clients at a networking event. Won’t it be beneficial to have custom document folders with custom card inserts that can carry your business cards? Document folders with custom card inserts make it easy for potential customers to carry all the information related to your brand in a single and safe space. 

Furthermore, having card inserts provides you the opportunity to secure your business cards inside the folders. Thus, the customers can reach out easily, without going over different mediums. The document folders help compile all the information you want to show elegantly.  

Freedom Of Orientation With Custom Document Folders

When designing your custom document folders, you have the option to select the orientation of the folders. If you are looking to create document storage folders for maps and photographs, the landscape orientation will be helpful.

However, suppose you want the customers to divulge in a lot of written text. In that case, the portrait orientation can prove to be helpful. That being said, the choice remains with you. Why not create something that can hook the customers’ eyes on the first look.

Custom Prints To Attract The Customers

Custom prints can add a splash of life to the custom document folders. Adding attractive pictures, brand logos, slogans, and artwork can help pull the customers from afar. The custom prints can feature important information regarding the brand. Furthermore, they can also be tailor-made for special occasions. 

Imagine Add More Information To The Document file Folders and seeing the look of appreciation on potential customers as you hand out limited edition custom document folders that promise the launch of an upcoming product or service. 

However, that is not all. You can use the custom printed colors to allure the customers. Moreover, you can decorate the document folders to make them seem an integral part of your company by using colors that match the shades of your brand. 

Enhanced Branding Opportunity

As stated earlier, you can adorn the folders to make them look like a vital component of your brand. You can do this by covering them in brand-accurate colors. However, the options are endless. You want the folders to represent your company. For example, if you own a 5-star hotel, you want document folders that look elegant and regal.

Furthermore, it will help design them to reflect a part of the hotel’s luxury and relaxation. Knowing your strong points compared to the market will help you create document folders that can excite the customers while showcasing your brand.

Use The Versatility Of Document Folders

Suppose you are a brand that deals with many different clients and offers varied services. Then it would make sense to create custom document folders that are in line with the various services and products you offer.

Furthermore, you can create custom document storage folders to help keep your company organized and easily separate one client from the other. 

The versatility of custom document folders helps you do that. You can create cater to different shapes and sizes. Moreover, you can design the folders for special events and occasions while keeping the needs and desires of the customers in mind. 

Now that we have a firm grasp of the various benefits of using custom documents, let’s head into the various ways we can customize the document folders. 

Materials For Making Sturdy Document Folders

The materials or stock used to create the folders help give it unique properties of durability and print quality. The following are some of the options that are widely appreciated in the industry.

  • Rigid Material
  • Cardstock Material
  • Eco-Friendly Kraft Material
  • Textured Material

Printing Techniques And Color Models For Making Flamboyant Document Folders

As stated earlier, custom prints can help take the document folders to the next level. You can transform the folders into powerful marketing using the following printing techniques.:

  • Digital Printing Techniques
  • Offset Printing Techniques

When discussing printing techniques, we have to mention the color models that help create the vibrant shades that allure customers. Color models help the printers and designers choose the various shades that beautify the custom prints. There are a host of color models in the world. The following are the ones that are widely used.

  • CMYK Color Model
  • PMS Color Model

Add-Ons And Finishing Coats To Make Your Vehicle Document Folders Stand Out

Add-ons and finishing coats are customizations that help add your style to the document folders. These customizations add value to the folders by endearing the customers. Furthermore, creative combinations of add-ons and finishing coats can help you create exclusive designs, unlike anything that your customers have seen.

The following is a list of trendy add-ons that are very popular currently.

  • Hot Stamping
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Card Inserts
  • Spot UV

Finishing coats are incredible customization options that can help you complete the look of the folders. They cover the folders in a uniform effect, and that can be the reason that customers can’t take their eyes off your folders. 

The following are the finishing coats that can help you make striking custom document folders. 

  • Matte Finishing Coat
  • Gloss Finishing Coat
  • Varnish Finishing Coat
  • Soft-Touch Finishing Coat

The customizations mentioned above can help you create exceptional custom document folders. iCustom Folders prides itself on offering our clients full access to our various customization options. Thus, we help them realize their dreams of the best custom document folders in the market. Reach out to our customer care representatives and turn your beautiful designs into modern masterpieces.