Custom Kraft Presentation Folders

What is the Custom Kraft Presentation Folders?

The Importance And Benefits Of Using Kraft Folders

I love Custom Kraft Presentation Folders. They’re the most reliable and durable type of folder I’ve ever used. And that’s why I’m writing this blog post to tell you how they work, what their advantages are, and where to find them for sale. After all, everyone needs a good set of folders! 

I’ll start with the basics: What is a Kraft Folders ? It’s just like any other file folder except it’s made out of Kraft paper instead of manila or colored card stock. The “Kraft” part comes from its origins in Germany as “Karton“, which meant cardboard made by pressing the wood pulp through thin sheets of cloth soaked in resin (usually pine). This process gave the finished product an attractive brown color.

Kraft Paper

Today, Custom Kraft Presentation Folders is made from a combination of recycled fibers and new materials. The final product can vary in shade from light brown to dark brown. It’s the color similar to Kraft, but different depending on what kind of wood it came from and how much resin was used.

The lighter shades are usually used for commercial letterheads or printing paper. That needs to be whiter than the standard brown Kraft. A typical example would be white paper interleaf sheets that go into manila file folders. As they need something more durable than plain white typing stock. They’re also often bleached or “brightened” using hydrogen peroxide, making them extremely white with a very smooth and glossy finish. The smoother and glossy the paper, the less ink you can get printed on it without showing through or smudging when handled.

Consideration For Printing On Kraft Folders

That’s why commercial printers like brighter white folders for letterheads because they look sharp with a lot of small print. They’re also good for other printing jobs that need a smooth surface since. No matter how much ink is printed on them, they won’t show up as easily as printing on standard brown Kraft folders.

This is what makes lighter shades of Custom Kraft Presentation Folders so popular in graphic design, to begin with. Designers know that even if a little bit of their work shows through from an offset printer behind it. It’s going to match seamlessly with all the other colors that are printed on the sheet.

Of course, if you’re printing single-sided flyers or handouts to be handed out at a school event or business conference. Lighter-colored folders won’t work quite as well because they’ll show raised ink from laser printers. If you want to choose this kind of paper for your next print job. Make sure to tell the printer ahead of time so they can make adjustments accordingly. However, it can still look very pretty when paired with matching color palettes in your designs!

Benefits Of Custom Printed Kraft Folders

Custom printed Kraft paper presentation folders can also be used to make a simple yet brilliant promotional tool for marketing new products and services. Even if all you have is a sample of your product in an envelope. The presentation folder can add some credibility to it when giving it to potential clients.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that plain paper presentation Kraft folders aren’t just as good! They’re just as popular with graphic designers and commercial printers. Especially since they can match pretty much any color scheme or theme you choose. Custom Kraft Presentation Folders come in both letter and legal sizes. Making them useful in offices worldwide and in my own office at home!

Some people prefer colored Kraft paper folders because of the way they look. Others like to use folders with different textures and patterns, such as this one which is made of linen paper.

Customization Options For Kraft Folders

Kraft folders can also come with pockets. However, it’s more common to use them without the pocket. Because they look better and give you a larger workspace for letter-sized sheets.

The nice thing about having a pocket is that it adds structure to your folder. Which can come in handy if you’re putting brochures or a lot of folded-up papers inside. Meeting presentations, reports, and proposals are all going to be stronger on Kraft pocket folders. Because their sharp edges will sit neatly on the table as opposed to shifting around every time somebody opens or closes the folder!

Many more customization options can make your Custom Kraft Presentation Folders stand out. These customizations give you the chance to add your logo and/or color scheme in a way that will make it identifiable at first glance.

Some customizations that can help highlight the brand logos are die-cutting (cutting your logo into the paper itself), hot stamping (stamping it on with heated metal), debossing (creating an impression of it into the paper), full-color printing, and fabric or foil blocking.

Printing on Kraft folders can be done in most commercial printers. However, if possible, we recommend going to an offset printer because they’re more experienced with printing on dark paper like Kraft and can give better results.

To Conclude

Colored Kraft paper folders and presentation folders with pockets are more than just recyclable and cost-efficient. They’re also extremely sturdy and versatile, making Kraft one of the best papers on the market for all kinds of print jobs, be it on commercial printers or as a promotional tool at home!

When you need to make an impression (and not waste money doing it), choosing the right printing materials is important. Some people make their first choice based on price alone without giving much thought to the quality… but those who’ve been in business for years know that cheap is expensive in the long run because you’ll have to reprint your designs over and over again if they smudge or tear after a few uses! 

ICustomFolders creates exceptional quality Custom Kraft Presentation Folders that can help endear the customers and take your business to the next level. 

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